What I've Learned About Teen Sexting

I learned a lot about teens and sexting over the past few months. However, I would say that not all teens are sexting. It seems more like 50-50. Some teens that I speak with aren’t even quite sure what it is while others can share with me multiple stories about people they know where sexting experiences have gone wrong. There seems to be a range of acceptance within the sexting world.  Many of the girls that I speak with will send sexy messages to their boyfriends, but many draw the line at sending naked photos....more

Does Defining Child Porn Go Too Far? Should You Get Rid of Naked Baby Pics?

In 2008, an Arizona couple was accused of sexual abuse after taking bath-time photos of their children -- then ages 1 1/2, 4 and 5 -- and then trying to have them developed at Walmart. The parents were not allowed to see their children for several days and didn't regain custody for a month while the state investigated. Ultimately, neither parent was charged with sexual abuse and they regained custody of their children. Imagine the lasting harm this inflicted on the children and their parents. Then imagine it happening to you....more
So every photo taken during the1930s and 40s is sex abuse? My God, those shots, usually taken ...more

One Way NOT To Teach Your Teen The Perils of Sexting (And 3 Good Ways)

Teens find their ways to find trouble. And these days, they're finding lots of trouble with technology, as they try to manage friendships, relationships, and their social behavior in public and online and via electronics, which complicates the already confusing years that teenagers start to discover—and, ahem, assert—their independence. ...more
Excellent post with truly useful advice.  And I agree with DianeStamps - Go into the ...more

Can Sexting Really Help You Spice Things Up?

Sexting has a somewhat of a bad reputation which is entirely unfair. Sensual missives are a literary tradition and an art form. Now that mobile technology has made it easy for us to communicate instantly, now that smart phones allow for messages that go far beyond the 160-character limit, there are no boundaries to what we can experience in exploring our desires, our imaginations, and our lovers. Why not give it a whirl? ...more
I've been sexting my ex obviously because I want him back surprisingly enough he called giggling ...more

Hiding in Our Virtual Worlds

In light of the recent so-called “news”, there have been many high-profile celebs, politicians, etc. who have been the focus of social networking scandals. I’m sure there have been millions of regular, non-celeb types who have been caught up in social networking entanglements as well.  Why are these virtual worlds so contagious, so tempting, so dangerous! People are literally ruining their lives and the lives of their families, giving in to these quasi worlds....more

While watching 20/20, they profiled a story of this young guy, who met a woman on FB. They spent ...more

What is Women sent Nude Photos????!!!

Hilarious, true and a must-read.  Send to you all of your friends!http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/snow-white-doesnt-live-here-anymore/...www.ginabarreca.com@TheGinaBarreca...more


  Sexting I have three words to say on the topic of ...more


There was a video gone viral the other day about a father who smashed his child’s cell phone to bits and pieces when he found she was sexting. Reactions ranged from nominations for “Father of the Year” to condemnations for exhibiting such violence.My first thought was that the message of “no” could have been conveyed in a calmer manner- then I remembered the times I lost my cool when my children did something dangerous.  Finally, I wondered if there was ever a parent-child discussion about the proper use of cell phones and the dangers inherent in them....more

The Not So Secret Life

When I picked my 16-year-old stepson up from track practice yesterday afternoon, the ride home began as it always does with him telling me about his day. Our boy's stories are usually loud and animated, and he was particularly excited on yesterday's commute because he had just finished running 15 laps around the high school track. He chattered about a range of topics: the new distance team coach, his driver's education lesson, the silly comments made by his friends....more

Clothing is not optional.

Just thinking about the day I have to get my daughter a cell phone makes the sweat start to bead on my neck and my breath get short.  Technology scares the parental optimism right out of me.  The possibilities that come with a cell phone and the Internet, while beneficial on many levels, also present certain avenues I hope she’ll never explore.  Avenues, that as a parent, make me want to either lock her in her room until she is twenty, or homeschool her until she’s married with kids of her own. As both a high school teacher and a parent, I have the unique opportunity ...more