The Niche Witch

To Readers- this is a very rough, raw unedited version of my diary. TRIGGERS are present so be cautious, but be proactive in your healing. My flashbacks that I have experienced evoked an emotion that I was very familiar with, complete and utter terror! Flashbacks may be very painful, but I assure you that by confronting them and telling yourself you are not that person anymore, you are beautiful, strong, and by God as my witness no one will ever do that to me again!! You are confronting your past so you can move forward. Healing is about change and confronting that devil head on. ...more
Please read my post about sexual abuse. I am an adult survivor, and swear to God as my witness, ...more

I Have changed my brith control 3 times in the last 9 months....please help!

For the last 9 months I have been struggling with what birth control would be best for me. I have changed my birth control 3 times now since then! I had started out on the pill, then moved to the ring and now I am on the shot. It seems that each time I have changed my birth control, my sex drive has gone down!...more

cut down on the stress, that can affect your sex drive. and a healthier and way better option is ...more

Digging Deep, why I went down the wrong path and got raped, addicted, abused etc

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Houston, we have a problem (with our under-monitored children)

My teenage daughter and I are fairly close and we talk a lot about what goes on in school these days. She has told me how she is teased by the kids at high school whenever the subject of sex comes up. She is jokingly called a prude even though she has a lot of friends and people do tend to follow her. But,  she has made a conscious choice not to get caught up in what they do and expresses her heart-felt concern and disgust for the actions of the students who she knows is wrapped up in sex and pornography -which according to her is nearly everyone....more

Dating the Sexually Challenged

"We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed." It's quite obvious and certainly makes sense that men love sexy women and, even moreso, sexy women who are secretly sex kittens. What doesn't make sense, though, is why men date women who are the opposite of their desires? ...more

A lot of people lie about the sex they have and the sex they want.  I have found that many ...more

Sexual Insanity

“The clearest definition of insanity is to do things the way you have always done them but expect different results.” Consider this…What would you do if someone told you the truth? I know that sounds like an odd question. The truth hurts sometimes…yes, but what if it does not hurt? Not meant to hurt you because it is only a statement of fact. Why do we ask to be lied to and then act upset when it happens? ...more