It's Time

This has been a long time coming. It started with a whisper in the back of my brain and I wrote Musings. Then it grew to a hunger in my soul and I wrote Telling Stories. And now I just know: it’s time. It’s time to press publish and say:I am a survivor.Of sexual abuse. Of sexual assault....more

breaking the silence on sexual abuse

Thank you so much for you're kind comment I appreciate it and was inspired by your post to share ...more

National Child Abuse Prevention Month: "Lauren's Kingdom" by Lauren Book

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Recently we took the opportunity to read "Lauren's Kingdom" by Lauren Book....more

Back to marketing my book on sexual abuse

 My book about childsexual abuse and how you heal is Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood ( Now that I am back in the country, I am working on marketing it. I believe it is a helpful book for survivors of abuse, therapists who work with them, adolescents and those interested in getting an insdie view of sexual abuse and the healing process. ...more

India has a rape problem but so does the rest of the world.

I have traveled extensively throughout India and I have plans to go back this spring to complete a training program....more


All of us know it. The feeling of a sinking heart, blush of the cheeks and crushing embarrassment. For some of us the tendrils of this dissolute emotion of shame can morph into anger or depression, sometimes both....more

Rape. Let me break it down...

Imagine that I am a millionaire and you are not. One day we are out shopping and I don't have any cash or cards on me, so I ask you to give me £100 until later. You say no for whatever reason you want to imagine. I get angry that you refused my request, I am a millionaire after all! I could buy the whole damn shop if I wanted to! To punish you for saying no, I take your money. Financially I don't need it, but I'm teaching you a lesson for saying no - because I can. Besides, who would believe you, a pauper over me, a millionaire....more


She sits on the couch in complete darkness, hugging a worn pillow so tightly her fingers go numb.  The silence is sharp and she imagines she can actually hear the tears as they escape despite her best effort.  She flinches at the wetness and vows to imprison her emotions more tightly; even as she feels the pressure building in her chest, even as breathing becomes more difficult because of the force of her feelings.  She knows it’s a lost cause....more

Another Book Signing in Chicago

 Book Signing and Talk about Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in ChildhoodOn Sunday, July 20th at Grace Episcopal Church, Oak Park IL at 4PM, author Barbara Hughes will give a slide show and talk about her book about child sexual abuse. This program is recommended for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse and for those who work with abuse survivors. It may also be helpful for those concerned with this topic. The program is not for children. For more information...more

Reviewing Finding Me by Michele Knight

 I just finished reading Michele Knight's book , Finding Me, about her survival from 11 years of rape and torture in captivity. Her voice is very direct and clear. She descibes her abuse but leaves some things private, which I applaud her for doing.  She lets us know some of how she struggled and survived. Her abuse was horrendous beyond imagining. She needed to tell her story and I am glad she did. Her determination to live was heroic. She has all my admiration and support. At first, I was concerned that she has apparently had no therapy work on her torment....more