Another Book Signing in Chicago

 Book Signing and Talk about Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in ChildhoodOn Sunday, July 20th at Grace Episcopal Church, Oak Park IL at 4PM, author Barbara Hughes will give a slide show and talk about her book about child sexual abuse. This program is recommended for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse and for those who work with abuse survivors. It may also be helpful for those concerned with this topic. The program is not for children. For more information...more

Reviewing Finding Me by Michele Knight

 I just finished reading Michele Knight's book , Finding Me, about her survival from 11 years of rape and torture in captivity. Her voice is very direct and clear. She descibes her abuse but leaves some things private, which I applaud her for doing.  She lets us know some of how she struggled and survived. Her abuse was horrendous beyond imagining. She needed to tell her story and I am glad she did. Her determination to live was heroic. She has all my admiration and support. At first, I was concerned that she has apparently had no therapy work on her torment....more

Another Book Signing and Talk in PA today.

Today I met with the staff of an organization that helps survivors of sexual abuse and educates the public. I read some poems, showed the paintings and gave a talk from my book Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood (  I talked about how you heal from child sexual abuse. It was well recieved and I may do more work for their organization in the future. Doing this kind of thing is so rewarding for me. I want to give back the healing I have been given.  More book signings coming up this summer....more

June is PTSD Month /EMDR, an effective treatment for PTSD in sexual abuse survivors

 from my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood ( :...more
Barbarahughes Dr E Agreed.  I guess I view staying the Captain of our own Soul meaning for me, ...more

I Am With Michele Knight

I was very impressed by Michele Knight speaking out in support for another woman who says she was held for years against her will. It is very understandable that this woman appeared happy in public when she was experiencing a reign of terror behind closed doors. The chances of her making this up are miniscule. Victims of this kind of abuse deserve the benefit of the doubt. It took great courage for Michele to come forward. I admire her very much....more

Missing Girls in Nigeria and Fear of Sexual Abuse and Torture

I have been horrified about the abducted girls in Nigeria. As a survivor of sexual abuse and torture as a child, my fears for them are high. I don't know what they have endured ( well I know they where taken from their families against their will) and I don't know what they will endure if they are sold. But I think this news item needs more focus on it than Mr. Sterling. It is an atrocity. Let's hear more reporting and blogs about this. Bless those girls....more

Survivors Retreat brought Blessings

Women seemed to think my art retreat was safe, healing and empowering. It is a joy (mixed with sorrow and anger about their abuse) to do these retreats for survivors of sexual abuse. Watching connections being made and healing moments occuring is such a blessing for me. Their doing the art work openned up space for deep sharing.   I got so much support during my healing process, and it feels redemptive to give some back. ...more

My Art Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Abuse this Weekend

 I am full for my retreat this Saturday, but wanted to let you know what I do. This retreat is called "Finding the Holy/ Exploring our Spirituality through Art." It is for women survivors of sexual abuse and trauma in childhood and beyond. Many abuse survivors struggle with the idea of a loving God that failed to stop or intervene in their abuse. We explore those feelings and take steps to find our own spirituality in the face of our trauma....more

My book on healing from sexual abuse is now $13.50 on Amazon


Having Sexual Feelings during Sexual Abuse does NOT amount to Consent

Many people who are being sexually abused have sexual feelings during the process. It is a natural body response. This does NOT mean that they consented in the abuse.  Most people come out of sexual abuse believing that it was, at least partly, their fault because of the sexual feelings they were forced or seduced into having.  That is why many people do not come forward when they have been sexually assaulted. Sex with someone who has power over you is sexual abuse. It is completely the fault and responsibility of the one in power....more