The Duggar Story is Mine

I know this is not what I normally write about here but the subject is incredibly important.........more
I am so sorry that you had this happen to you. I have tentatively followed the Duggar story, for ...more

5 Reasons Why Being Sexually Abused as a Child can Change You as a Parent

5 Reasons Why Being Sexually Abused as a Child can Change you as a Parent.08/22/2014...more

Newly Released “Vagina Chronicles Podcast” Breaks the Silence Surrounding Women’s Issues and Gender Equality

Vagina Chronicles Podcast, a podcast dedicated to gender equality, has just been released and is available to listeners for subscription on iTunes. The show focuses on topics that are rarely discussed even between close girlfriends. Vagina Chronicles Podcast, also known as VC Podcast, seeks to illuminate the injustices and inequalities surrounding women’s lives through entertaining discourse that challenges the status quo. ...more

I Wish I Had a Picture

  I posted a picture of my mother and my sister Jan the month Jan arrived from Korea and flew into my mother's arms, but I cannot for some reason post it here....more

Child Abuse | Sexual, Physical and More

It is never easy to see a child who has possibly been sexually abused. It's especially not easy when the family tells you that no one other than family members have every been with, cared for, or babysat the child....more