Inappropriate Coaching and Parent Responses

Earlier this week, a high school in my town fired its head football coach over allegations that he sent an inappropriate text to a female student.  I’m angry at his stupidity and overall lack of judgment.  I’m angry that school officials did not act in a more timely manner in this situation.  And I’m angry that the two former students who reportedly received similar texts from this same faculty member are too afraid of the potential ridicule they might face if they also c...more
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Brave Victims Help Convict Child Abuser.

  Those who were abused as children bravely came forward as adults to accuse and convict a child rapist, according to today’s bulletin from the Greater Manchester Police Bulletin.  A Manchester man from Tameside was convicted on charges he sexually abused 8 children aged 3 - 12 over 2 decades.  He faced 30 counts of rape and sexual abuse. ...more

Christian Weight Loss Support Program Blog # 2 Past Sexual Abuse Affects You Now

One out of three women and an estimated one out of six boys have been sexually abused in their lifetime....more