What Female Sexual Dysfunction and Vaginal Rejuvenation Have in Common

I'm not arguing that some women don't have sexual problems that could be improved medically, but a lot of the Female Sexual Dysfunction "symptoms" are just the way women are. Yes, women can take a long time to come, yes, women can take a while to get aroused, and, yes, women get pissed at their mates which, yeah, does affect desire. ...more
What I would like to know is, do men even care what your vagina looks like?? As far as I have ...more

Scientifically Proven for Female Pleasure? What's in Your Lube?

KY's ad campaign featuring everyday couples putting a bit of spice into their sex lives is deserving of praise. In KY's ads, the use of the lubricant isn't trumpeted -- KY's ads say the use of sex aids are perfectly normal, rather than deviant or a fix for defectiveness -- the problem is what they claim using their lubricant will do for women: give them the best sex of their lives, as proven by science. Say what? ...more
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