The Destructive Fallacy of Entitlement

The following piece contains a ton of vulgarity, so I'm not going to post it here. But if you'd like to read it, and I'd love it if you did, it's on my blog, Stepping Aside....more

Why Didn't They Speak Out Sooner?

Full disclosure: I’m tired.So tired of this election and the rigmarole, the drama, the spectacle, and the pure CIRCUS that it’s been.As a self-proclaimed politics junkie, I just want it to be OVER.  I watch the debates with an uneasy pit in my stomach, I cringe at the daily news stories and I’m generally just disgusted by it all.But – since I always have something to say – I got something to say. ...more

The Gaslighting of America

Rapist runs off when Victim bites Him in Neck

Whoever said that fighting back at a rapist will probably create more problems for the victim might want to rethink this idea. How disabling can a bite to the rapist’s neck be when the biter is a human?...more

Victim-blaming is understandable (but not acceptable)

It’s important to recognise that society as a whole encourages a victim-blaming culture. Unfortunately, victim-blaming is so engrained in our societal norms that you may not even realise what you are inferring sometimes. When you ask, ‘what were you wearing?’/‘were you drunk?’/ ‘why did you go back with him?’ you are suggesting that sexual assault is the victim’s fault. You are absolving the rapist of blame. You are making the victim feel as if their pain and emotional reaction is not valid and not legitimate. Whether you mean to or not, you are perpetuating rape culture....more

Why Are People So Shocked When They Learn Who the Rapist Is?

I am a prosecutor, and I want you to know that RAPISTS are not simply the people that kidnap you, put you in the trunk of a car, or rape you in an alley. Public domain image via Pixabay In fact, over the last eight years that I’ve been an attorney, most rapists I’ve met wouldn’t even come close to that definition. Most of the rapists I’ve prosecuted are well known to their victims....more
Every woman should read this, regardless of age or race. Sadly, it is the true reality. ...more

To Fellow Survivors of Sexual Assault: I Don’t Know You, But I’m With You

The Brock Turner case has really caused an uproar on social media and the internet in general, and to be honest, it would make no sense to not write about it at this point.I have been struggling with my thoughts about this case for about a week.As a survivor of sexual assault myself, this case has definitely roused a lot of feelings for me. I’ve been trying to figure out how I could possibly write a post about it without it being a huge mess of emotions....more

It's Time

This has been a long time coming. It started with a whisper in the back of my brain and I wrote Musings. Then it grew to a hunger in my soul and I wrote Telling Stories. And now I just know: it’s time. It’s time to press publish and say:I am a survivor.Of sexual abuse. Of sexual assault....more