I Was Upskirted and I Didn't Call the Cops

Chris and I were on our annual Mother's Day vacation, and we were at our favorite part of it: time with our dear friends, Katie and Paul, in Maryland. We treasure this visit every year. We usually try to find a couple of fun or unusual touristy things to do, and Paul will take a day or two off of work to play hooky with us. Katie had just finished up her first semester of nursing school, and I was excited that she was done with her finals by the time we were pulling into their driveway. (She kicked ass on her exams, by the way!)...more
IdyllicChick I was just in Columbia yesterday. I don't live far at all. I didn't know about that ...more

Sexual Assault, How Far We Haven't Come

I lived on New York City’s Upper East Side during the terrifying days of the Upper East Side rapist. I had attended so many self-defence workshops put on by the NYPD that I had become quite the padded crotch-kicking expert. They would have us act out scenarios in which we were threatened with sexual assault to teach us how to defend ourselves. They encouraged us to be vigilante, to avoid risky situations where we could, but then what to do if we ever found ourselves vulnerable....more
You are 100% correct - there was a misogynistic attitude towards women in general with the men ...more

“I Know what I Saw”: Fallibility in Victim Eyewitness Memory

Eyewitness identification is perhaps the most critical element in cases involving violent crimes. Police use eyewitness identification to justify arresting and charging a suspect. Prosecutors are often reluctant to pursue cases in which victims cannot identify their assailant(s), and jurors weigh eyewitness testimony more heavily than other types of testimony. Unfortunately, eyewitness identification is often inaccurate....more

Train's Tracks

I was in my early 20’s when a friend shared with me that while in college she had “trains” ran on her.  A “train” is when a person is engaged in a continuous occurrence of sex with one partner, followed by another partner, followed by another partner, and so on and so on.  My friend said that in her case, those partners were in a well-known fraternity.  You guessed it.  She said she was in its “sister” organization, although not a traditional sorority....more

Campus Culture is Not a Rape Defense

Sexual Assault Prevention Ribbon...more

To The Man Who Sexually Assaulted Me

*Trigger Warning* This is the story of my sexual abuse, and may contain triggers for other victims of abuse.    Introduction: ...more

I believe you.

The news is making me sick. Bill Cosby, UVA, Ann Coulter. I’m nauseous. It’s hard enough reading about the horrors that individuals endured. It’s even worse reading about the people who shame them, doubt them, blame them.So I just needed to say:I believe you.To those of you who have bravely spoken up and weren’t believed, and those of you who haven’t spoken up for fear of blame and doubt: I believe you.To those of you who don’t perfectly remember all of the details: I believe you.To the ones who were drinking: I believe you....more

Why we don't tell until it is too late

“Everywhere in the world, they hurt little girls. “ Queen Cersei...more

It's a Tough Time for Bill Cosby Fans

A highly-respected local columnist is catching it on Facebook because of a piece he published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel entitled "This is the Bill Cosby I Know." The columnist, Eugene Kane, came to know Bill Cosby after criticizing him for one of his famous rants about 'all that is wrong about the black community.'...more