Politely Powerless: When Self-Defense Fails

Yesterday, I suffered unwanted sexual advances from a man in a way that I can’t seem to find an appropriate word for. Was it molestation? Sexual assault? Too nuanced to label? Interestingly, the reactions of others only added to the confusion. ...more

I relate strongly to your reaction in the situation, it upsets me to read it because it reminds ...more

From the Jury Box - "Voir Dire"

Nobody wants to do it. I certainly didn’t, especially after enduring the first few hours of jury selection, a process so insistently repetitive, so oppressively tedious as to produce a powerful narcotic effect in us trapped, helpless potential jurors awaiting the resumption of our lives. I actually heard someone say, “I never thought I’d want to go back to work this bad.”...more

Thanks for sharing that, I loved reading it. I'm actually surprised they sent you to a ...more

Court States You Can't Get Raped in Skinny Jeans

People have connected clothing to rape for years, usually from the angle that the woman must want sex due to what she's wearing. Taking the discussion a dangerous step further, an Australian court acquitted Nicholas Gonzales of rape charges based on the idea that skinny jeans are so difficult to get off, that the woman would therefore need to consent to sex if the jeans were removed. In other words, the denim chastity belt defense. ...more
This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.  You don't even have to ...more

(VIDEO) Cindy Adams' Advice for Victims of Sexual Harassment and Assault: Just Deal With It

If longtime New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams ruled the world, you wouldn't whine and cry because your boss told you that your tits look great while handing back a report to you. And you wouldn't sue if your dermatologist grabbed your vagina instead of botoxing your face. You might not like it, you might even remember their names, as Cindy Adams does, but you'd ... (wait for it) ... deal with it. ...more

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Sexual Assault: NFL Player Ben Roethlisberger Isn't Getting Away With It This Time

When yet another woman stepped forward and accused two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Ben Roethisberger, of sexual assault, the National Football League was forced to take action. ...more


I was talking to a guy that is good friends with a guy who went to college with ...more

Sexual predator may strike again

The Vancouver police department and Surrey RCMP made their plea both to the public and the rapist himself in an attempt to stop sexual attacks on children. We learned that this predator has a history that may stem back over 15 years. He uses the same m.o. which is to ask for help and then brandish a weapon to gain compliance from the victims. ...more

Victim blaming & blog trolls

Just a few weeks ago, a 15 year old was brutally attacked and gang-raped in front of a group (of spectators) after she left a homecoming dance. According to various news reports, the young girl was found shirtless and unconscious under a cement picnic table, and was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. Various witnesses now say the assault went on for as long as two hours, with a crowd of up to 15 people watching....more

Violence UnSilenced - Maggie Dammit Talks about Domestic Violence and How We Can Help

Today is the last day of October and of Domestic Violence Awareness month. Obviously in what I would believe to be a better world such an observance would be completely unnecessary....more

Bound & bitten, or just Franken, Inouye, the Pentagon & the White House debating rape?

There are layers of information and emotion covering the speculation that Democratic Senator from Hawaii and Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye may strip an amendment from the Department of Defense's appropriations bill that freshman Al Franken (MN) successfully got attached to the House version.  Franken's amendment would prevent federal dollars and contracts from flowing from the DOD to any contractor who requires mandatory binding arbitration in exchange for giving up a right to be heard in court regarding...more

Dolphins: The Truth About Our Friends From the Sea

Growing up, in film, TV, and books, I learned that dolphins often help out humans in scary situations such as shark attacks. They will bump the shark away from the human. Other times, humans have been towed nearer to shore by a dolphin or two. Flipper. He was fantastic. Right? ...more

This is ridiculous. Your argument is based on emotional appeal and you aren't thinking ...more