Does "Casual Sex" = "Sex Like A Man"?

Ever since my breakup, I have been having sex like a man. What do I mean “sex like a man”, you ask? Well, just what you think – no strings, casual sex. And no, I don’t feel bad about it. ...more
@Dee Acampa Bioioidentical hormone replacement? Please tell me more! I am 48years old and had a ...more

Do You Ever Avoid Sex?

“Honey, get your cute ass home. I made turkey chili. And I’m horny.”I’ve called my husband of ten years with a version of that message too many times to count. (When I cook, I’m quite good at it. But while my husband would prefer a daily meal, I’m more of a weekly chef.)My urgent messages are mostly in jest. My husband is usually a 40-minute drive away. And... I do want him. In that moment....more
@Falling Down Under Brave. Yes. Wise? Not really sure! ;-)more

African American Sex vs Caucasian there really a difference?

@ilikenc hahaaaa, I was hopin u leave a comment.more