Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work – It's Called Sexual Harassment

I’ve never been big on hugging. Especially with people I don’t know very, very well. My girlfriends always kid with me about it. You’d think avoiding unwanted touching would be something a person could do easily. Well, it’s a lot like my theory that dogs can sense when someone doesn’t like them, and they sniff and pester that one particular person relentlessly. I’ve had a number of occasions where I was the recipient of unwanted physical attention — and worse yet, it was in the workplace....more
JanErickson Jan, thanks so much for writing! It's really a sickening feeling, isn't it? What can ...more

I Just Want to Play a Game or Check Facebook Without Being Harassed

While I was fending off alpha tigers in a magical world, I was also fending off a fellow gamer who has no regard for his treatment of female players. ...more
First of all...your   I can kinda see why he's the ex. As far as the ...more

I Ain't No Hollaback Girl: Dealing with Street Harassment

Have you been on the internet today?If so, chances are you probably saw the video of the poor girl walking around New York City getting harassed, followed and bothered by a ton of dudes.Here, watch for yourself (if you can stand it):In a span of ten hours, she receives unwanted attention over 100 times.  One.  Hundred....more

In India’s garment factories, stitching clothes and a culture of non-violence

Cross-posted from UN Women A UN Trust Fund-supported project to reduce workplace sexual harassment is training thousands of workers in 24 factories in India and Bangladesh, through peer-to-peer education. ...more

Some People Aren’t Worth Mourning: What We Can Learn from the Life and Death of Joan Rivers

The outpouring of love for the late Joan Rivers comes as no surprise. She connected with every generation. What she didn’t do, however, is transcended generations. In fact, her road to success divided us—even after her passing. In my humble opinion this is a sickening testament to how antiquated our beliefs still are about a woman’s duty to be forever subordinate. ...more
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Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work – Version 1

I’ve never been big on hugging or kissing anyone but my son or the man in my life....more

Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
Your article is so wildly accurate. For me, it has been extremely difficult to grasp how being ...more

Is a woman's confidence hanging by a thread?

A few days ago I went through one of those incidents women are generally prone to at least periodically....more

From bike rides to pink ribbons, Egyptian anti-violence campaigns create ripples across the country

In Egypt, where up to 94 per cent of women report having been sexually harassed, students across 28 universities have devised clever anti-sexual harassment campaigns. ...more

Harassment Could -- and Did -- Happen to Me

I was 23, working at my dream job teaching writing at an alternative outdoor high school, when I experienced sexual harassment. ...more