9 tips about feminine odor you don't want to hear from somebody else

A common myth is that it’s a sign of poor personal hygiene. Here’s the real story. 1. First off, forget the jokes. As women, we’ve been socialized to be embarrassed by our lady parts, and that’s a real shame. I wish we could all go back to 7th grade and slap those teasing boys silly. And their dumb fishy jokes, too. Vaginas have a scent. So what. 2. Don’t douche. Douching can introduce new bacteria into the vagina, as well as increase the spread of bacteria....more

Dear Teen, Just Say No to Sex

Remember when you were a teen with raging hormones? Maybe kissing in the backseat of the boyfriends car or hiding out somewhere and making out? I remember. It was a wonderful if not slightly confusing time. I didn’t have my mother to talk to, mostly because I really didn’t like my mother until I was pregnant with my own child at the young age of 18....more

I'm so not ready for that stage. I still have a few years to go. I hope!

However, I think by ...more

Painful Sex: Could You Have Vaginismus?

If you’ve never heard of vaginismus at first skim it might appear as little more than a social media hashtag connoting witty female sayings. In reality, vaginismus is the inability or difficulty in allowing penetration of the vagina. The symptoms vary from discomfort, to burning or stinging with tightness during sex, to impossible penetration. Some women even have difficulty with the insertion of other objects, such as fingers, tampons or a speculum during a vaginal exam, but many are able to allow this sort of penetration, just not sex. ...more
While I found this article very informative and mostly accurate, it lacked one major treatment ...more

What's going on over at SexIs Magazine - August 6th Edition

So, half the world is at BlogHer this weekend (including our very own Victoria and Jenn) but what do the rest of us do with ourselves to stay entertained? Read the Sexis Round-up, of course!...more

VOICE ACTIVATED BUNNY VIBRATOR.....Sex Toys That Listen When You Speak!

Since its introduction to the masses by way of Sex in the City, the Rabbit Vibrator, with that oh-so-delightful-clit-vibe, has quickly evolved into a ‘must have’ nightstand item, secretly nestled among the romance novels, reading glasses, tissue, assorted batteries and other sundries we keep handy.  Its popularity exploded after its prime-time debut to the point that I could almost hear a faint buzz coming from each neighbor’s home while I walked my dog. ...more

Sex Toys: Material Safety

Whether you are single or have been married for 20 years, it's no secret that sex toys can liven up your bed room routine.  From vibrators to sex swings, adult toys can enhance you're already sizzling sex life, or liven up the snooze fest. ...more

Are You Faking Your Orgasms?

I am of the belief that faking an orgasm on occasion isn't so wrong for your mate...what do they know?...but it’s a huge injustice for you to do to yourself! God, in his infinite wisdom, gave each of us ladies the mysterious ability to orgasm in more than one way and more than one time.  Why would we deny ourselves that physical and emotional pleasure? In the name of chores, kids, work, stress?  I subscribe to the practice that there is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than to have an orgasm or two several times a week....more

Women's Health Newsmix: Female Viagra, Mammogram Regulations, Michelle Obama on Health Care

Equality with Viagra? We don't know about you, but WVFC was more than a little startled to learn that there's an organization called the "European Society for Sexual Medicine." We've also been a little skeptical of ...more


[Woody Allen, Sleeper 1973] Remember the Orgasmatron from Woody Allen's Classic, "Sleeper?" Seems that there's a new device that's going to give Woody a run for his money (no pun intended!). ...more


Get access to America's top doctors without making an appointment. Just submit your health questions to women's health advocate and EmpowHer.com's founder Michelle King Robson and your question could get answered. http://empowher.com/ask MY SEXUAL LIBIDO IS HURTING MY MARRIAGE Hi Michelle: ...more