Parenting Follow Up: Campus Rape

Are we part of the problem? Could we be doing more??? Responses to our coverage of Campus Rape mirrored the national discussion and included reflections on institutional complicity, fraternity closures, and underage drinking. But as the weeks wore on, we noticed significant parent pain - sadness and resignation that we’re sending our kids into a world where sexual violence is reported as the norm, but also significant questions about whether we could have (or still can) do more to change the social framework. A friend from near Philadelphia wrote:...more

What's Really Killing Your Sex Drive?

People these days face a number of issues when it comes to managing their sex drives. They should think about how they can manage the sex drive problems that they are encountering. There are a number of important solutions that people have available to them. They can talk to professionals, read through publications and review how they can manage their sexual health. Couples can work through these problems together, providing a considerable amount of guidance to each other. They can even provide feedback and manage the different issues that they are facing. ...more
Thyroid. I have Hashimoto's, and it comes with decreased metabolism and sex drive. It's a pretty ...more

The Sexual Health of the American Presidents

Image: rnike via Flickr We've heard stories about our country's leaders, both real and false. In our times, it's hard to consume news without running into some scandal or another. Like them or hate them, information about political leaders is always useful in getting a picture of that person in that place and time. So what can we learn about our presidents from their sexual health?...more

Seniors and Sexual Health

By Dr. Kristen DillonWith increased age come some changes including, but not limited to changes associated with finances, family relationships, physical and mental health, and sex. Most people assume that as one gets older sex becomes less important, but this is in fact a myth. In fact, the importance of sex remains consistent throughout life....more

Part Two - Sexual Trauma & Sexual Health - Dealing with Triggers

This article is part of our focus through July on Sexual Health. Stay tuned for a month-long focus on Trauma Recovery and Resilience in the coming months. Visit the Resource section of our website for more information on Trauma Recovery.By Dr. Jami Wilder...more

What is Sexual Health?

By Dr. Jami WilderIt’s kind of a trick question....more

Thank You, Michael Douglas: Cunnilingus Is Not a Bad Word!

When Michael Douglas told a newspaper that his throat cancer was caused by the HPV virus, and that he contracted it by having oral sex, I wanted to cheer. Not because he had cancer! But because he had the bravery not only talk about the HPV virus, but also to use the word "cunnilingus." (Image: © Graham Whitby Boot/Allstar/UPPA/
Excellent share and wonderful thing you did bringing your daughter to that workshop. I have a 19 ...more

Are Pubic Lice Going Extinct Due to Waxing? (Short Answer: No)

The article in Bloomberg, which caught fire this week, starts by saying that crabs are disappearing, a fact its authors never get around to corroborating. They provide an interesting anecdote about one Australian clinic that hasn't seen a case of pubic lice since 2008 but get data from no other clinics. Later they note that crabs can be self-treated with insecticide yet fail to provide further information -- did legislation make insecticide available to the public after 2008 in Australia? Was a more effective type of insecticide introduced? Have sales figures among the major insecticide brands suffered in the country since waxing started to take off? No, none of that. But why are we thinking about journalism right now? Have we no heart? CRABS ARE DYING OUT BECAUSE OF BIKINI WAXES. ...more
This is an interesting predicament due to the lack of reporting of crabs (AKA pubic lice ...more

Why I Have Birth Control Envy

I have birth control envy. You know how some girls look at a penis and wish they had one? That’s the way I feel about birth control. I wish there was more access to birth control options in my country, the Philippines. I first felt the pangs of birth control envy at the not-so-tender age of 24. I had been living in the Philippines for 12 years and returned to the Bay Area to re-connect with some girlfriends in grade school. ...more
why not teach natural family planning?more

Building Momentum: How Two Soccer Moms Founded a Sex Conference

I think about it and I can't believe it. Somehow Dee and I had gone from working mundane jobs and being over-protective moms (I wasn't a soccer mom myself, unless you extend "soccer" to include ice-skating and gymnastics -- then I fit right in) to founding a conference about sex. How did we get here? ...more