Bruno Mars' Sexual Objectification of Women Goes Unnoticed

Bruno Mars' new video objectifies women, yet all the mainstream media can do is praise his praise party vibe & funky sound.<!--break-->...more

Bruno Mars' Sexual Objectification of Women Goes Unnoticed

I rarely click the links on the sidebar of my Facebook news feed and, although I have liked a couple of songs by Bruno Mars, I do not consider myself a fan. Yet, for whatever reason, I took Facebook's bait today. Here is the headline that appeared after my click: "Bruno Mars Drops Insanely Catchy New Song & Music Video."...more

Sexual Objectification Of Women

About a year ago, I asked a friend of mine (a 19 year old female), to go out to a club with me. I was thinking we would go have a fun night of dancing, and a few drinks. She said no. When I asked why, she explained to me that she wouldn’t go out (to a club or bar) unless accompanied by her boyfriend, because she was afraid to be violated by other men while she’s out dancing. After thinking about it, I realized that this is not something I had put much thought into, but it happens all the time....more

Out of the Park

 (Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder, Alexei Hay/for ESPN The Magazine)...more

Complicit: How We Propagate Rape Culture

Rape culture is aided and abetted by many things. Music that hypes the domination of women by men, the sexual objectification of girls and young women in clothing, media depictions, and everyday language, and the eschewing of feminism by women themselves all pile up to create an environment where boys consider themselves to be ‘more than’ and girls let them think that way....more

Critics Accuse Beyoncé of Self-Objectification at the Super Bowl

Over at Feministing, Maya Dusenbery made a great observation about the conservative response to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show.  Conservatives widely criticized her for sexually objectifying herself....more