To My Fellow Politically Conservative Christians

This morning I followed my normal routine, woke up grabbed some coffee and turned on Good Morning America.  After watching for a while, a story came on about outrage around Honey Maid’s new commercial featuring a gay couple and interracial couples. I remember the same outrage around the Cheerios commercial that featured an interracial couple and quite frankly I am disgusted....more

The Tendency to ignore the rainbow elephant in the room

I came out to my motherat the age of 24 over a phone conversation. She lives in Colombia and I in New York. Everyone advised me against it given that she is extremely religious but I, of course, did not listen. I wanted to be honest and be able to be myself. Bad idea. My mother got deeply depressed and to this date refuses to talk about it. She feels defeated and failed, as if my gaynness came from something she did wrong while raising me. And I can name a thousand things she did wrong but I doubt any of them led to gayness. I was born this way. ...more

Definition of Family: Constitutionality of FL Adoption Law Banning Gays

In-laws I write this having just come from a 6 day visit with my in-laws....more

Two Children Bullied to Death--Sacrifices to Our Homophobia

We hear of cases such as the the 13-year-old who committed suicide after being bullied online, and then scream our outrage at the bloodless brutalities of virtual harassment, but should we expect anything else when we haven't stopped bullying in the brick and mortar world? ...more

As the ...more