Tips for Protecting Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Breezy Mama Elizabeth and I recently applied to become volunteers at our local YMCA. In order for our applications to be accepted, we had to take an on-line course that covered protecting kids from sexual abuse. After completing four 15-20 minute “modules” on-line, we – two mothers of three – were TRAUMATIZED!...more

A Tale Of Two

When Chelsea King went missing, we (as I am sure all area residents did) felt dismay and concern. Bear and I (as well as MacD, Nannygoat and Mr. Vixen) were hit especially close to home. That is our field. That is our place. Yes it’s a community field, but it was our community field. My children grew up there. Learned to fly kites there, played softball there, hiked the trails with our dogs there, Gram and Gramps took Ladybug to the park there every Saturday morning for years, we celebrated birthday parties there....more

Prelude - Mommyblogging; Exploitation or Art?

For the past several months I have been fervently working on a piece about "Mommy-Bloggers", (are we all tired of that title?  Or are you still OK with it?), and the assertions that we exploit our children via either sharing personal stories about raising our children, (this can include day-to-day antics, habits, milestones, and just about any other thing you can think of that your ...more

They aren’t talking about a car

Parents just to let you know - POS doesn’t mean the same thing to our kids as it does to us. To us it refers to an old, rather shabby, not so attractive, poorly functioning car. To our kids it means, “Parent Over Shoulder” in “Instant-Message-ese.” It’s a subtle warning to whoever they are chatting with online that someone is watching and they need to be careful what they type. Read the rest at If Mom Says OK. ...more

Net-savvy moms galvanize to stop California pedophile blogger

Like the blogger at Chasing Rainbows, I too support freedom of speech. After all, it's a basic right guaranteed to all Americans, isn't it? Yet, I also agree with the Chasing Rainbows blogger when she questions whether free speech protection should apply to pedophiles like Jack McClellan. ...more

Everyone should read the reports from the University of New Hampshire and NCMEC that show that ...more