Is 'Eye Licking' The Newest Buzz?

Already popular in Japan, there is a new sex fetish called Oculolinctus that has started to make its way over to the United States. It is mostly becoming big in the late adolescent/early teen age group and it is also called “worming”. It seems like it is becoming THE way for younger people to express themselves sexually. I hear about a lot of different things that people do to express themselves sexually, but this one that really creeps me out. ...more
@Six Strong Hands Also you probably had a clean mouth- you hadn't been involved in other acts. ...more

Should the Morning After Pill be available to all Over-the-Counter?

Not too long ago I wrote about the morning after pill, what it is, and how it works. At that time, it was available Over-The-Counter (OTC) to women 17 years old and over, and below that, women (girls) needed to get a prescription to use the medication to prevent pregnancy....more

Sexual Drive and Intercourse: A Male Authority?

Changazi told Mortenson how he squared his dalliances with his devotion to Islam. Heading to his mosque soon after another Inge or Aiko wandered into his sights, Changazi petitioned his mullah for permission to make a muthaa, or temporary marriage. The custom was still common in parts of Shiite Pakistan, for married men who might face intervals without the comfort of their wives, fighting in distant wars, or travelling on an extended trip. But Changazi had been granted a handful of muthaa already since the climbing season began in May....more

Erectile Dysfunction affects both Men AND Women

Many people are unclear as to what Erectile Dysfunction (ED) actually is, despite those really ridiculous Cialis and Viagra commercials on TV (which can be horribly awkward to watch in mixed company at times!!) ED affects between 15 and 30 million men in the US and approximately 22.3% of all office visits to HCP’s are for ED.  It is something that many men are embarrassed about and feel unable to speak to their partner about, and it can cause huge rifts in relationships....more

Are you on Antidepressants? Having Sexual Dysfunction? You are in good company!

I feel like more and more people lately have been pulling me aside to ask me questions about either a low sex drive, no sex drive, or men are having erectile dysfunction (at young ages)...and each time I ask, "Is there any chance you are on an antidepressant or SSRI"? Without a doubt, the answer is always "yes, is this related?" and the lightbulb goes off....more