Real Men Wear Pink

Since having a son, I have felt myself repeating “real men wear pink”, internally as well as aloud, more often than I ever expected.I have thought about writing this post many times in the past few months but felt it served no purpose than to appear to be searching for controversy. A few weeks ago, I put up this photo on Facebook of Jack captioned “Don’t mind me…just getting into trouble”....more

Having Sex Is Nothing Like Playing Tennis

“Dylan (Justin Timberlake): Why can it not be like that? It’s a physical act. Like playing tennis. Two people should be able to have sex like they’re playing tennis.Jamie (Mila Kunis): Yeah! I mean, no one wants to go away for the weekend after they play tennis.Dylan: It’s just a game. You shake hands, you get on with your shit.Jamie: Yeah....more
I would hardly say somore


By now, it was pretty clear that the strange occurrences I was having were real, not coincidence. And that, somehow, they were connected to a) my husband, b) my work, c) Second Life, and d) my grad program....more

Where I Defend The Right To Enjoy The Hell Out Of Sex

It is very well written and it reminds me how much I liked to read my mother's Cosmopolitan when ...more

Top 10 Questions Answered for Parents of Lesbians, Gay Men & Bisexuals

I am a lesbian and have always been a lesbian.  At the same time I have had girlfriends who have come out later in life as lesbians and who have come out as bisexuals.  (I wish to add that I have not had that many)!Having been a lesbian for 15 years + (not wanting to show my age too much) I wanted to answer some questions that have been asked of me and my partners over the years.  I also want to add that these are questions that those in the LGBT community often worry about themselves. ...more
@Emma Ziff Thanks for your feedback that's most kind.more

Confession: I used to be a slut shamer

Slut. Whore. Ho bag. Skank.These are things I often thought and sometimes said out loud against others sexuality active girls when I was growing up....more

Do Some Lesbians Feel More Pressure To "Come Out"?

I was 19 the first time I summoned the courage to kiss a girl. No club blaring Katy Perry lines for motivation; this wasn’t a fad or phase. She was my first love, and Satan couldn’t keep me from the sweetest misery I’ve ever known. Honestly, it itches my ass when girls today play with the power of a woman’s love, which now seems to be too often reduced solely to enjoying "the P." Somewhere between drunken college nights; completely awkward, sore mornings; and Ellen being the next Oprah, we lost sight of who/what a lesbian is. Is she a scholar or a slut? ...more
Great input. I think you raise an good point that to a certain extent, lesbians are readily ...more

Hunting For My Erotic Creature; An Amatuer Pole-Dancer's Memoir

From Red Light to Spot Light; Pole Dancing Goes Mainstream...more

Thank You, Michael Douglas: Cunnilingus Is Not a Bad Word!

When Michael Douglas told a newspaper that his throat cancer was caused by the HPV virus, and that he contracted it by having oral sex, I wanted to cheer. Not because he had cancer! But because he had the bravery not only talk about the HPV virus, but also to use the word "cunnilingus." (Image: © Graham Whitby Boot/Allstar/UPPA/
Excellent share and wonderful thing you did bringing your daughter to that workshop. I have a 19 ...more

Teacher Fired For Bikini Photos

Teachers, Delete Your Nudist Pics - Even Bikini Photos Can Get You Fired ...more