Once a stripper, always a stripper

This kind of BS phrasing happens all the time. Headline: “Ex-Stripper Claims Affair With Alex Rodriguez, Calls Cindy ‘Smart’” She’s not just a woman; she is was a stripper! ...more

Virgin ITunes download

I downloaded my first ITunes ever just recently. And actually, my first download was more than music. I downloaded the video. What drove me to make the leap? Michael Johns’ American Idol performance of “It’s All Wrong, but It’s All Right”. He is a good-lookin, late 20’s, something, and the song is a solid, bluesy, croon with a falsetto at the end that makes my nipples go hard. ...more

The End of Innocence and Making It Big: The NYTimes spins yet another lost girl tale of innocence, regret and discreetly hot sex

Despite the provocative photo (and the big ass tattoo), the cover essay in the Sunday New York Times Magazine starts sweetly enough. ...more

On Becoming a Sexual Female, via Miley Cyrus

I tend to agree* with this analysis of the photos of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair that we've seen so far from Vanity Fair, that they're not "that bad." ...more

Sexualized Ads Become "Obscene" When Guys are the Objects

Apparently an in-store Abercrombie ad campaign received complaints for being too sexual/obscene. Abercrombie has been doing this for years, for example, depicting cartoons of topless girls (yeah, they looked awful young) in pools and having threesomes in their catalog back when I worked in the mall 10 years ago. And in this day and age of hypersexualization of women's bodies and the general pornification of everyday life, you would think these ads must be awfully revealing to be so scandalous. Read More ...more

Breakup blogs: Does sharing your pain just lead to more problems? Yep.

The buzz heard round the blogosphere last week when the New York Times did a story called When the Ex Blogs, the Dirtiest Laundry Is Aired wasn’t so much a start of surprise as a nod of recognition. ...more

My name is Edgar. I am 24 years old and currently live with my girlfriend who recently told me ...more

Promises, Promises: Predatory Advertising

As I checked my email yesterday, an ad promising "massive! rock! hard! erections! and killer! sex! ...more

Sex for fun, do you play that—or not?

During my last gig, at the online dating service, I used to joke about how differently men and women seemed to approach online dating. In interviews and click stream behavior, women indicated, again and again, that they wished the dating service would pick out a small selection of absolutely perfect matches for them; guys, on the other hand, seem to want ways to get the broadest possible number of women to read their email, find them fascinating and write back. The women wanted quality, the men, options. ...more

Hi Susan,

I just posted similarly asking women what they thought about sex for fun,  As ...more

The Most Difficult Discussion You Never Want to Have

Thanks to the post put up yesterday by Tara at If Mom Says Okay, I put aside the thinky post I was working on for today, in order to work to write this instead. It's a painful story that leads to a horribly difficult but, I think, important topic. I write this in the hopes that awareness may prevent some other little girl from falling victim to silence. ...more

I was inspired to finally have that conversation with my kids after I attended a lecture ...more

Sex 2.0 is next weekend!

What is Sex 2.0? ...more

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Amaya (koon)
TODAS :: La bitacora para ellas :: The ...more