Allende On Aphrodisiacs

COOKING RIGHT FOR MR RIGHT  I greatly admire Isabelle Allende for her sumptuous writing, but who knew she was also a sensuous cook?  In her delightfully idiosyncratic “Aphrodite” she promises this dish, Noodles with Artichokes, will move lovers quickly “from gluttony to lust” -- because, she claims, it’s saturated with aphrodisiacs. Ergo, a thoroughly satisfying night of passion is sure to follow.  Try it on your Old Mr....more

Sex: To Wait Or Not To Wait?

In real life, Charlotte probably wouldn't be friends with "Samantha because -- as early as middle school -- sexual experience is the dividing line among females. It's a value judgment that we hurl at each other and then teach to guys, in the hopes that he'll pick us instead of them. Why are we still making the expression of our sexuality about him? ...more

I've been waiting for two or three years, and I don't know if this really is happening to ...more

Gaga Ain't No Lady

I’m a little late on this one, I know.  Actually, what I’m about to discuss has been bothering me for a while and really reached a peak at the American Idol Finale a couple of weeks back.  I had decided to just let it go, just move on, but I can’t.  I have to “Express Myself” (note the Madonna reference) and then, hopefully, I can get on with my life. It seems that everybody is ‘gaga’ over Lady Gaga right now.  That is no surprise.  I’ve been on the planet long enough now to recognize a marketing phenomenon when I see one.  They come, some stay, som...more

Yikes, thankfully, I missed that performance.

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Unique Vibrators: Exploring the Cutting Edge of Eroticism

The days when all sex toys were classified as novelty items are slowly changing. Now, manufacturers, realizing that their customers are smart and savvy enough to consider sex toys as essential to their sexual health as well as their pleasure, are creating toys that are designed to be enjoyed for a long, long time. They’re often beautiful to gaze upon; form and function meet, combining powerful motors in aesthetically pleasing or even high tech designs. Here are some phenomenal products from manufacturers who aim to please!...more
tess, have you ever used a sybian? Have you got any information about them?more

The 411 on Non-Porous Sex Toy Materials

Materials matter. The toy you decide to get it on and get off with deserves the proper care so it can continue to live a long and happy life, always eager and ready to serve you. Proper care changes from material to material, so let’s see what materials dildos and vibrators are commonly made of and talk about how to give them the love they need so they can love you long time....more
Tess, do you know what martrials the Sybian machine in made from and if it is a non-porous ...more

How to Multiply Your Orgasms with Sex Toys

Any orgasm is a good orgasm, but, let's face it, some are better than others. Have you learned what it takes to get your orgasms to go from satisfying to off-the-chart? Getting to know yourself through masturbation can help you achieve even better orgasms with your partner. ...more
Cheers to the healthy, happy  glow!more

Psychology Today: "Black Women Less Attractive than Other Women"....and Plants and Animals, Too.

On Monday morning, Psychology Today published an article by blogger Satoshi Kanazawa, who argued that, based on a study in which respondents were allegedly interviewed over a period of seven years (on an objective and subjective level), Black women are viewed as less physically attractive than other women. ...more
What BettyFokker said. more

Rainy Days and Mondays Really...Are Perfect for Sexy Stay-cations

Waking up to another gray day, my desire to get away from it all reasserts itself. I can still feel it kicking me in the shins. But, finding the time and money for an all out vacation relegates all hopes of chilling on a tropical beach to the fantasy files. As a country, America pretty much sucks when it comes to bestowing vacation time upon its workforce. You can more clearly see our Puritan work ethic kicking in by looking at some statistics....more

I like your ideas more than the one I usually use on grey days-catch up on my sewing projects. ...more

Vaginas are Cool--I'm Glad I Have One

Vaginas Are Cool: I’m Glad I Have One Not to worry, my friends, I'm not lowering its standards or discretion (sentence to follow completely contradicts this statement).  I had my annual trip to the gynecologist this week, and I got to see my favorite nurse practitioner.  Everything was fine–I love her–but at the end of the visit, she gave me a bunch of samples of some kind of cream that women find beneficial “as they get older.”  Okay, I have a 5-year-old.  I’m young!  I’m hip!  Fine, yes, I have teenager...more

Vibrators: What’s the buzz?

As I sit here typing this article, I look down my hands and fingers and I note that we come packaged with our own tools for self-pleasure: our hands and fingers. Too often I’ve had women look at me with downcast eyes and say in hushed tones, “I just can’t touch myself there.” Whenever, I hear this sentiment, it makes me both sad and angry. Sad, that women are not enjoying the beauty and pleasure that they can achieve through self-touch and angry that our society somehow still perpetuates the myth that some places on our bodies are off limits or dirty....more