If they're dealing with the infertility: Just let them be

Hi Julie, Sorry it's been a while since I have been online. This blog on letting people with ...more

Remember The Human: Christina Aguilera's Brazen Sexuality and Our Reaction To It

Unsurprisingly, I am mesmerized by the new Christina Aguilera video “Not Myself Tonight.” No, that's a misstatement. I am mesmerized by the response to Christina Aguilera's video “Not Myself Tonight.” Look beyond the allegations that she's hijacked elements of Lady Gaga and late '80s/early '90s Madonna and zero in on the reaction to the brazen sexuality presented in the video. ...more
It's an interesting video and one I think I'd be a little more impressed by if it didn't buy in ...more

Running into the Arms of Great Mother (Within), part 3

PART3 While I was unmistakably being drawn ever deeper into a mystery that seemed to reside within my own being, my prickly mental self still fought the concept of the goddess.  ...more

Our Sex Lives: One Response | Women's Voices For Change

Another pre-Valentine's Day blip: a note for the editors of Our Bodies, Ourselves, whose query about women's sex lives we posted last week. We were delighted at the good news the writer reports, though due to the delicate nature of the subject she has chosen to remain anonymous....more

Please Help Tell the Story of Our Sex Lives

Many of us remember the day we first ran across Our Bodies, Ourselves, as something of a revelation; perhaps you even picked up the more recent edition of the same book focused on menopause. But have you wished your voice was in there too?...more

Houston, we have a problem (with our under-monitored children)

My teenage daughter and I are fairly close and we talk a lot about what goes on in school these days. She has told me how she is teased by the kids at high school whenever the subject of sex comes up. She is jokingly called a prude even though she has a lot of friends and people do tend to follow her. But,  she has made a conscious choice not to get caught up in what they do and expresses her heart-felt concern and disgust for the actions of the students who she knows is wrapped up in sex and pornography -which according to her is nearly everyone....more

What Color Is Your Labia?

January is "make over your life!" month. Pages and pages of self-improvement schemes are clogging the cloud with their vision for change.  Kate Gosselin's straw head makeover is inexplicably everywhere including on CBS's morning show (here on You Tube)....more

Sooner or later, I bet some enterprising individual is going to try selling ass ...more

The Incredible Power of Sex Stories

The morning-after shame attack. I vaguely remember it. You wake up, usually alone in your own bed, and are suddenly seized by such a powerful sense of embarrassment, you can't get up. You don't want to be awake because you don't want to deal with what you did the night before. What did you do the night before? You hooked up with someone. You don't really like them—hell, you don't really know them, but you know you don't like them in that way and that you'd die if your friends found out, and to top it off, the sex wasn't all that great. I've been there. ...more

Men are alot sexual/visual than woman?

Women are more emotional than men?


Straightening Out Lifestyle Misconceptions

Recently, comments on a forum I'm a member of got me to thinking about my own participation and views on being an active member of the "lifestyle" (swinging, as most people think of it).  I'm amazed that even after all this time and all the informational pieces that are out there for people to educate themselves on exactly what is entailed in the participation of an alternative sexual lifestyle that people still tend to think of it as a "throw your car keys into a bowl and have at it" kind of situation....more

Kids and Sexy Costumes: The Problem With Halloween

Poor Halloween. It's become its own little Las Vegas, the city once known as Sin, then known as fun for the whole family, then back to the city of illict debauchery (“What Happens Here, Stays Here,” 2005), then on to the city you want to be seen in (“Your Vegas Is Showing,” 2008). Of course, unlike Las Vegas, Halloween doesn't have a marketing campaign. There are millions of hands in this pot, hands that belong to us now, and hands that have been there since the first millennium. ...more
@avflox Excellent point. I think we just view Halloween through different, but equally fun prisms.more