Can You Really Get a Sexually Transmitted Disease from a Toilet Seat?

Here's the situation: you desperately need to use the toilet, but there's no other option than the bathroom at the public park or service stations. Public toilets scare you, and you probably try hard not to think about the various disease-causing germs that might be spread all over the seat and bowl. But is it really possible to catch STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) from a toilet seat? ...more
My mother still believes it's possible ... ** sighs **. I remember the clueless idiots I hung ...more

Ask Dr. Renee: Is It Safe To Douche?

Is It Safe To Douche?Ask Dr. Renee: Is It Safe To Douche? ...more

Are You Ready for the Future of Safer Sex?

You're not thinking about safe sex at that moment, and unless neither one of you happen to have a condom handy, this won't even come up as a topic for discussion. And maybe that's the problem. Accidents happen, and even when they don't, some sexually transmitted illnesses can still get by despite protection. But what's the alternative? Letting him take off his jacket, offering white or red and then asking him to detail his sexual history? The last time he got tested? ...more
There is this emerging trend in managing your sexual health online! There's quite a few apps, ...more

Is it Yeast or Could it Be Herpes?

I saw patient recently who came in for what she thought was a yeast infection, and when I examined her, I saw that she had multiple small red lesions around her genitalia. She hadn't noticed the sores, but did notice that when urine touched the skin, it hurt. She thought that the pain was from her recurrent yeast infections that she was treating with over the counter creams because she was traveling so much, she never had time to come in for an exam....more

Health Myths That Keep Us From Health: UTIs, Yeast Infections, STDs, TSS

Recently a friend told me her back was hurting and she couldn’t get comfortable.  Along with that, she said she just wasn’t feeling that well.  She told another friend who suggested that she see a chiropractor that happened to be very helpful to her when she hurt her back.   STOP!!  When asking her about her symptoms, I found that her back pain was in her flank area (mid or side back over the kidneys) and with a history of bladder infections, it sounded to me like it had evolved into a kidney infection.  I strongly recommended that she see her health care profe...more
Hi Elaine, Thank you for sharing your helpful health information. I am curious to know what you ...more