Royce Devimore

Royce DevimoreHe is a middle age, Dark Skinned, average height, muscular gentleman.He is humble, caring, modest, deceptive, alluring and selfish.Sex just oozes from his pores.He is well endowed; it's thick brown and long; hits his belly button when stiffHe is in an interracial marriage but severely neglected by his wife for years.He is in love with another woman; but doesn’t want to leave his wife because he is comfortable with all the material things that is given and provided for him....more

4 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

If your sex life is a little stale, don't worry. You're not about to break up, nor are you doomed to a life of mundane sex, you're just in a bit of a rut. Before it gets too deep, start spicing things up by looking into new and inventive ways to show off your sexy side. ...more

'The Voice' Took My Relationship To A Higher Level

My boyfriend and I watch The Voice together every Monday night. And Tuesday nights. And Wednesday nights if it’s one of their extra special shows. He’s become quite the music aficionado. This is coming from the man who didn’t know who Joni Mitchell was when we were first dating. Yes, I was judging. And yes, my boyfriend corrected me, I thought Joe Scarborough was the NBC newscaster. He’s not, that’s Chuck Scarborough. My point is, we are learning from one another and that’s a beautiful thing.  ...more

Being pregnant AND sexy: sometimes you must explore to discover what works

Weight gain and body shape changes are something every expectant mom deals with. The physical shifts can be uncomfortable, dismaying… and even panic producing.How does a woman deal with this in an empowering way?She wants to find and focus on what works for her. She wants to take on an exploratory mindset. That’s what Tina did. ...more

Tops I'm Loving From Forever21


Salads for Two; Visually Dressed For Sex Appeal

Salads are not only healthy but they can also set the stage for romance; dressed for eye-appeal is perceived sexy and delicious. So when going out to eat is not always within reach of our budget—often, too, we just want to spend a quiet evening home, alone—hubby and I will sit to discuss our evening meal, creating salads with endless possibilities, visualizing and tasting. Here are just some of the pictures of salads we’ve imagined and concocted, adding any number of possibilities for dressings. And don’t forget a nice bottle of wine!...more
@cookingwithkary An orange before and with the salad. Yummers! Big crushing hugs back!more

Corbin Dunn: Utterly Ingenius

What Makes a Woman Sexy?

Earlier this month, my friend Victoria and I shared with you our thoughts about confidence being the ultimate form of sex appeal. Over the past few weeks, I've had second thoughts. I mean, what if the only reason we believed this was because we're women and simply wanted to believe this was the case? I mean, let's face it: As women -- to some extent -- we sort of have a conflict of interest when it comes to what makes a woman sexy....more

Make the Decision to Own Your Sexy

The idea of sexiness typically conveys a certain image in our minds. A woman of a certain body type, often showing off lots of that body. But that leaves a lot of us out of the picture. My body doesn't look like that and even if it did, I don't think I'd dress in that way because it's simply not my style. Does that mean I'm not sexy? According to Karen, true sexiness comes from confidence. I find it hard, sometimes, to feel confidant about things that go against the grain. It takes effort to change that thought process in my mind and to have it reflect in my every day life, to have it glow from within. It takes a decision....more

Your Specific Brand of Sexy

There are men and women out there who desire curvy partners, skinny partners, heavy partners, short partners, tall partners, and partners of every skin color. This isn’t a crazy fetish -– this is basic attraction....more

Spot on blog. Variety is supposed to make the world go round right? And if everyone looked the ...more