A Shanghai Midsummer Night's Dream

First question to Tim Robbins, "How tall are you?". Answer:  6 foot 5....more

Conflicted Summer

I had so many good intentions for this summer.I was going to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight along with read more, blog more, garden more......more
 @Linda Anselmi thanks Linda... I actually love the summer and could do without the rest of the ...more

Shakespeare? In Love!

I’ve become intrigued by an app that hasn’t even been invented yet. It proposes to offer a way into Shakespeare for the youngest users through music. It’s called Kinderbard and it’s the project-in-development of self-described “Shakespeare geek” Daeshin Kim. ...more

NaBloPoMo Poetry Exercises: Learn How to Write a Sonnet

Welcome back to another poetry form. In honour of NaBloPoMo's April theme -- POEM -- as well as National Poetry Month, we're trying our hand at four types of fixed form poems. Fixed form poetry is meant to free the mind by providing a structure much in the same way a house frees the person who lives inside to focus on things other than the elements outside. The third form we're going to look at is the sonnet. ...more

The Weird Sisters: Can You Ever Get Along With Your Sister?

Eleanor Brown's The Weird Sisters is the story of three lost women. Rose, Bean and Cordy were named after Shakespearian characters and raised in a household where the Bard ruled all. They spend their lives attempting to both live up to and defy the roles that where laid out for them. As all three are pulled home by their mother's illness, they start to learn that sometimes you need to go home before you can move forward. ...more
I really wanted to get on board with the narration (LOVED the Virgin Suicides!) but it didn't ...more

(EXCERPT) The Weird Sisters

Haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of the BlogHer Book Club pick, The Weird Sisters yet? Here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more
Thanks for the tip. Glad this is out in paperback -- can't wait to read it!more

What I Do All Day

The semester is three weeks old.So far, my classes have been very nice.  Not the Shakespearian "nice," but "nice" in its modern context.  I like to begin the semester as I like to end the semester - by making connections.  Connections are, after all, what education is all about.  Since I teach grammar and writing, we make connections about everything.  There are no limits.  This is, of course, how all courses should be, but they never are.  This is the teacher's fault, by the way....more
I do wish that I had been in your class. Though I'll admit that what I learned in my ...more

A Winter's Tale for the Eve of Fall (Italy Again)

 It has started to get cold.  The kind of cold that means that reading outside at night requires a fire. And a sweatshirt.  And fuzzy socks.  And my husband’s slippers....more

For I Findest Thou Funny

"God writes a lot of comedy", Garrison Keillor wrote, "..the trouble is, He's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny."So true!Whenever I teach an acting class, or seminars, or what have you, the first thing I tell wanna-be actors is that there are two things they need to learn to do well: Shakespeare and Comedy--with the ultimate test being a Shakespearean Comedy. Goooooood luck! That, my friend, is the ultimate test.Nope. Scratch that....more