R.I.P. George Whitman—We’ll Always Have Paris

  (To see the photos that accompany this, click on my original blog: http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com/ ) Today’s New York Times carried the obituary for George Whitman, who died yesterday, Dec. 14, in Paris in his apartment above his bookstore “Shakespeare and Company” at the age of 98....more
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A Pilgrimage to Shakespeare and Company

You are a book blogger. You mention you are going to Paris. You know what the next question will be for it's the one that you would ask. No, it's not about the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. It's not about food or fashion. It is a simple question, practically rhetorical because really, how could you answer in the negative. "You are going to Shakespeare and Company aren't you?" Well, yes I am. Yes, indeed. ...more

My roommate has a book written by Sylvia Beach that talks about her bookstore and all the stuff ...more