My Wagon Has 3 Wheels and Wobbles

 “Shame needs 3 things to grow out of control in our lives: secrecy, silence, and judgment. When something shaming happens and we keep it locked up, it festers and grows…But the 4 elements of shame resilience are: Name it. Talk about it. Own your story. Tell the story.”Brené Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection ...more

The Lame Blame Shame Game

I posted this Wednesday (below in italics along with image of butterflies) this week on my Facebook page. I am trying to be braver and more honest by allowing my true voice to emerge.  It has emerged -- always been there -- I just have not allowed myself to share the voice openly.  I like to write live so social media and blogging really works for me....more


All of us know it. The feeling of a sinking heart, blush of the cheeks and crushing embarrassment. For some of us the tendrils of this dissolute emotion of shame can morph into anger or depression, sometimes both....more

Shame: I Have a "Butch" Fiancée and I Still Pointed a Student to the Wrong Bathroom

Today I felt more shame than I have ever felt before in my life. I felt like a failure to my lesbian and educator identities....more
Wow, powerful stuff going on here! I sometimes wonder if I would be different than I am now if I ...more

Calling Out Shame

I recently watched Brené Brown's Ted Talk, "Listening to Shame." As she described some of the messages shame tells us, I got noticeably uncomfortable and started to feel like I might cry. I am very familiar with feeling "not good enough" and questioning, "Who do I think I am?" ...more
Lisa Thomson  Thank you for your comment.  It's important that YOU are not any of the things ...more

How Did I Miss Fat Shaming Week?

I'll Be a Better Mother Tomorrow

Time is my friend, and my children's friend.   The other night when I came up to tell Lola goodnight I was in a hurry. Bubba had been traveling a lot lately and we had some catching up to do on our couch-snuggling, Breaking Bad routine.  He was waiting downstairs and I was hoping for a smooch on Lola's forehead, a tug of the covers to snug her in and a quick exit. She asked me to give her a meditation. I whined. Dude, it's late. You should have thought of that before you goofed off for 15 minutes instead of brushing your teeth and getting your pajamas on. ...more

Judge Orders Man To Wear Idiot Sign

Will wearing a shaming sign change a man's behaviour? I guess we will find out. An Ohio judge ordered a man to wear a sign saying he was an idiot for a week. The sign said,  "I apologize to officer Simone & all police officers for being an idiot calling 911 threatening to kill you. I'm sorry and it will never happen again."...more


It started the summer that I turned twelve. It started on my face, just a few red bumps across the bridge of my nose. I poked at them and they sort of hurt. At first I wondered if the bumps were a sort of rash or allergic reaction, but after a week or so I realized what they were. Zits....more

Levels, Shame, and Joy . . . Oh, My!

To Do List Clean (really clean) the first levelStraighten the second levelBankGasConsignment ShopEspresso Beans at A New Day BakeryDrop note with tin of cookies at Blatters  Dear Mr. and Mrs....more