The Shame Prom is coming

Please check out     The Shame Prom (on Facebook).Also check out this link to join us in West Los Angeles for the Shame Prom workshop.October 16th, 2011 ...more

Jess's amazing story of shame, running, and worthiness

I had the privilege of interviewing a handful of women who opened up and shared their stories with me on how Christianity has changed their lives. Before I move on to mormonism, I would like to share some of those stories with you. These ladies have given me permission to use their information and have allowed me to give them a voice to speak to the world about their relationship with God, for which I am very grateful. This is one of their stories, in her own words....more

Exposing Yourself with Words

More than that: exposing truth (my truth, which is not to be confused with something as trite and easily manipulated as fact) is the only way to breathe life and hope into me; into the dark places created by a lifetime of shame, regret, anxiety, and depression. I started with a belief that truth is a larger virtue than privacy; that secrets are more dangerous than vulnerability. ...more

Somewhere in the Middle?

Should I have expectations or keep hold of hope? Expectations are bound to disappoint while hope can strengthen a weary heart. But then as Proverbs points out, “hope deferred makes the heart sick”. Shall I continue to seek out safe places in this world or should I seek to be one?...more

Are You Courageous?

"Courage is from the Latin word, cor, meaning heart — the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart." *...more

Brilliance of Color

What is it about trees that turn brilliant yellow, red or orange that never fails to take my breath away? Neighborhood streets are lined with these glorious sentinels and the hillsides are peppered with them. Even the local cemetery where I often walk is resplendent with trees gone riotous with color –perhaps signaling a fête, an elaborate outdoor festival, this time celebrating death as simply one of life’s journeys....more

Squirrel in the Garden!

The redwood out in front has produced a soft carpet of gorgeously brilliant, golden needles –and the rains have finally come. Everything in CiCi’s Garden looks invitingly fresh with rain-polished leaves glossy after a downpour. Rain-polished leaves in CiCi's Garden...more

Be Impressively Vulnerable

Yesterday, I admit to my dear friend that I'm not good at being vulnerable.  I'm better at listening and giving advice and pretending I have it all together.  I'm better at being cheery and funny than admitting when I'm not feeling well.  Maybe, deep down, I think that folks won't love me as much if I admit my struggles and my weaknesses. ...more