Photo: Best Photo

At last! I managed to finish ALL the NaBloPoMo posts for May! Woohoo! Not all the posts were done on time on the day they were supposed to go up, but I persevered in doing them all! The best part was creating new photos and going back to some old ones, reinforcing a lifelong love for photography....more

Photo: Action

One of Shanghai's bustling roads during a non-busy time. This was taken on a trip to China in 2006.What bustling cities have you visited? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Cooking Local in Shanghai

To know a culture it helps to understand the food that nourishes the local people. To that end, we decided to take a cooking class in Shanghai. Not only do you get to create some seriously tasty food but it's fun to share the experience with other international travelers in your class.  Cherry was our fearless leader ( who took our group including my husband and son with a couple from California and a gal from Ireland, to the local wet market and then to a local apartment to cook our meal....more

Shanghai Headlines Showcase Absurdity

The news made it's usual trip to crazy town this week in the "Around China" section of the local newspaper so I thought I would share with you this collection of news briefs that showcase the absurdity of human behavior:...more

Lazy Sunday in Shanghai

Happiest discovery of the day was that "my" subway line, the #9, goes right to Tianzifang Alley, my fav place to shop.  How did I not know this before??  It's the little things that make me happy.  Pathetic.  If you come to Shanghai, you absolutely must shop there.  Quaint and photogenic, the crowded alleyways are lined with interesting stuff.  One place even had Cronuts, the croissant/donut that is so hot in NYC right now.  Trendy!...more

Evening Stroll in Shanghai

The culture here, especially in warmer months, is to enjoy the outdoors and stroll with friends, family and pets.  I'm all about walking and having adventures so I embraced this tradition and took a walk last night along the Huangpu River in Pudong near our apartment.  It was hot and humid with the AQI in the 160+ "Unhealthy" range, which in Shanghai means a lovely evening, so everyone was out enjoying themselves.  Without Thom, it's not as much fun but he will be home soon, so in the meantime, I had to get out and enjoy some unhealthy air all by my lonesome.&n...more

Home Sweet Shanghai

Finally back in Shanghai after working in the U.S./Hong Kong/Beijing for two months, I enjoyed a rainy weekend being back among familiar things. My very own bed and pillow-heaven! Access to all my clothes and a refrigerator I stocked quickly-oh joy. You don’t realize how much you miss having your own kitchen until you live in hotels for two months—being able to have a quick snack at 9 p.m. that doesn’t require getting dressed and going out is quite wonderful....more

THE NITRO-coffee with a serious KICK!

Always searching for a new coffee experience in Shanghai, I saw a story about Sumerian Specialty Coffee and decided that we just had to go.  So, we set off walking and ended up on a familiar street, Shaanxi Bei Lu, where we go for the best bagel in Shanghai-Egghead Bagels....more

Exercising with the Shanghai Locals

After visiting the hospital yesterday for my acute bronchitis brought on by the toxic cocktail I am forced to digest daily consisting of pollution with an infusion of DNA from every commuter on the subway, I knew I should go home and rest but it was a somewhat sunny day out so we opted to try to find a new coffee shop we had heard about.  Caffeine makes everything better!  Along the way, we wandered through parts of Shanghai that we hadn't previously visited and found a new park that was divided into four zones based on the trees they had planted-spring, summer...more

Enjoying The Spa Life in Shanghai

Some might call us pampered after reading this story but, hey, life can be rough here in China so we have embraced the spa culture here with open arms...and backs and feet and hands and......more