Shanghai's Coffee Culture

I can't believe we were ever worried about finding great coffee in Shanghai.  Not only is there a Starbucks on every corner in a pinch but also Costa Coffee, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jean's, etc. plus some serious boutique coffee places all over town that we have been sampling recently-who knew?...more

Hot Dried Meat Floss Bags, Green Pea Popsicles and Chicken Feet. Grocery Shopping in China.

When faced with the oft-asked question, “Aren’t you worried about moving to China?” I honestly responded with, “Not really.” I may have been lying a bit.  Honestly, the thought of moving across the world did frighten me a bit, but a lot less than I truly thought it would.  My main concerns were (and are) air quality and food. Yep. Those are two very important issues – especially with three children.  Today I will focus on food. ...more