Degrees of Infidelity – Which is Worse?

(To see the photo of the cheaters' gallery see my blog: I wrote this two days ago before Anthony Weiner confessed to his internet escapades, so have added a footnote about his now widely discussed degree of evil at the end of this post. The other evening over dinner, while talking with my husband and a woman friend, after pondering such gentlemen as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I posed the (totally theoretical, you understand) question: What is the worst kind of cheating husband? ...more

Beautiful Canadians

I was thrashing about for a Canadian topic that avoided (in no particular order) swine flu, the seal hunt, politicians, GM, and hockey teams. That doesn't leave a whole heck of a lot this week but any of those topics would have been too much for me to take on this rainy day in Ottawa. So it was my best friend to the rescue when she told me that Hello Canada released their list of the 50 Most Beautiful Canadians. "Awesome," I thought. "I find out about a bunch of people that I've either never heard of or never knew they were Canadians. Perfect!" ...more

Anne Murray?  Maybe.  I think Shania's the best - no matter where she's hiding these ...more