How to Use Your Fitbit to Get Back in Shape

Since I posted the picture below on Facebook and announced that my husband and I have lost about 135 pounds between the two of us, I've gotten several questions from friends asking for details: how we did it and how we used our Fitbits. So here goes. ...more
Katie Jenkins Thank you so much! Have you considered selling the craptastic one and getting ...more

"Body Shape… Perfect Fit" [Pear/Triangle]

 Hey guys, I’ve really been enjoying our discussions about body shapes. So we are going to add another shape to our conversation. Next on the list… Pear Shape… check out your shape HERE...more

My Little Running Partner

I took the boy running with me for the first time this week.  We headed out to the track for our 2 mile run. We warmed up by walking to the middle school track near our home.  On the way we talked about why I was running when I didn't like to run, we talked about how much easier it is to stay active than to try to get back into shape, and we talked about the upcoming science fair at school. I love that we had had time for uninterrupted conversation....more
What a wonderful way to spend time with your son. It would probably be nice to be able to run ...more

Fashion Industry, You're Fired.

Both music and fashion reside under an aging idea that they decide what is hot and what isn't. In reality, the big guns in both industries are severely out of touch with changing social climates. Old concepts don't hold true anymore. Runways don't decide beauty in clothes any more than they do in people, and people with normal average sizes have a harder and harder time finding clothes that are flattering/fitting because they are all designed for people considerably smaller....more
I agree with the beginnging of your post regarding problems in finding well fitted clothes. This ...more

Victory is YOURS!

Friday at the close of the school day, I played in a faculty vs....more

Inhibitions Growing Smaller ... Poem

Drops of Inhibitiongrowing smaller ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: People are strange

We look funny … We are massive structures with balloon-like heads decorated with features yanked at random from the gene pool. We are like snowflakes – no two look the same. We come in a rainbow of colors, much like a new summer wardrobe – red, yellow, black, white. Some of us are skinny, fat, tall, short. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more