The Perfect Shapewear for Every Party Problem

You've got the dress, the skirt; the perfect ensemble ... or so you think. Then after slipping it on, you realize you may need a little extra support—but what to wear under what you're wearing? If you've been hunting for a slip that won't bunch at the waist, shapewear to accent your middle, or tights that give you that extra inch, read on! The solution to your lingerie problem is at hand. ...more

Jockey Skimmies + Jockey Slimmers Keep You Sleek n’ Sexy This Season

Struggling to find the right lingerie for the holidays? Jockey has it covered! -PJ Gach...more

Spanx, but No Spanx!

For any woman who is larger than a size 6, there is most likely an outfit or dress that doesn't display her figure as flattering as she would like.  (For any woman who is smaller than a size can suck it, and I'm pretty sure we aren't friends.) Fortunately, for those of us in the former category, the geniuses at Spanx created a product that allows women to put on undergarments of wonder, and give the illusion they are thinner than they actually are. ...more
One night at a nice anniversary dinner with my husband, I thought I was having a panic attack. ...more

Shapewear Swimsuits: Would You Wear Spanx to the Pool?

Swimsuit season officially starts this weekend, which means that it's time to get out your suit and assess the fit. Roxanna made a persuasive case for the one-piece suit recently, but I have to admit that I need more than just coverage at this point in my life. I need Spanx. Or the bathing suit equivalent. ...more

I would totally wear Spanx on the beach if it were comfortable and made me feel super slim!! :)more

I've got a thing for shapewear

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Yummie Tummie. ...more

HI thanks for very good article, I start wear shapewear, It is comfortable for me and make ...more

Shapewear road test - I do this because I love you all

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Bare Necessities. Recently, the nice folks at Bare Necessities sent me three styles of shapewear to test: two different "shapers" (the ones that look like bike shorts) and a tank top.  Their timing was excellent -- I've gained a few pounds over the summer, nothing much, but enough that some of my favorite fall pieces are not really fitting the way I would like, especially through the middle.  ...more

That was part of what I liked about them.  The Yummie Tummmie tank is really well made and ...more

Yes, I Wear Underpants

Since I’ve been thinking about panties lately (see “I Need a Diaper”) I figured that I might as well continue reflecting on them and the problems they are causing me. What I want to know is why can’t I have a pantyline? ...more