Shuffling our kids around

My parents separated and divorced when I was in junior high school. Although I am not sure of the exact terms of the custody arrangement, I can say that my brother and I lived with our Mom and visited our Dad for a few weeks during the summer. I am pretty sure this was because we lived in South Carolina and my Dad lived in Indiana. ...more

Blended Reality of Mentality TV

I started out with one very different post to speak to the brain numbing reality shows that plaque the lives of our youth and adults with violence, infidelity, degrading of women and lack of respect for …..An all of the across the board insult to some communities. Then it quickly became a four page letter that I knew would be an ineffective point since the people who use 10 percent of their brain on those shows are also the ones who watch those shows....more

Your Ex's Time With the Kids is Your Time to Take Back Your Identity

When I stumbled across “Why I Cry in My Car Every Wednesday at 6:45am” by Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D., my first thought was that she was headed to a job she hated. But then I learned her devastation was caused by honoring a shared custody agreement. I was indignant, angry even, that she would catch a case of the boo-hoo-hoo’s because her girls were headed to daddy’s house for a few days. Many women, myself included, don’t have the luxury of a healthy co-parenting relationship....more
LNapolitanoPsyD  I definitely understand and that's why I tried not to only look at your ...more

How Could You Let Your Kids Go for the Summer?

As mothers we are faced with tough decisions every day. From the first moment we realize we are pregnant, we are forced to make unequivocal and sometimes controversial decisions about the mothers we are going to be, the lives we are going to lead, and the choices we will make for our children....more
I remember being a child and wanted to go away to camp. My parents always gave me some bs excuse ...more

Co-Parenting ABCs: Observe Appropriate Boundaries

Periodically, we will feature one of the 10 Commandments of Co-Parenting put forth by Lynn Nelson, Public Education Director for the Institute on Race and Poverty, at the University of Minnesota. Lynn and her husband committed to co-parenting their son after their divorce. Today's featured Commandment is... Observe appropriate boundaries. ...more

Co-Parenting ABCs: It's the little things

When people share their not-so-great co-parenting stories with us, sometimes it's the little things that seem to create the most drama and conflict.  A simple miscommunication about a pick-up or drop-off time, for example, can lead to accusations of disrespect and a re-hashing of all the old complaints and bad feelings that lead to the initial break-up. ...more

I'm almost to the end of it. My daughter is 17, and pretty much makes up her own mind at this ...more

Co-Parenting ABCs: Eliminate the Middlekid

Periodically, we will feature one of the 10 Commandments of Co-Parenting put forth by  Lynn Nelson, Public Education Director for the Institute on Race and Poverty, at the University of Minnesota.  Lynn and her husband committed to co-parenting their son after their divorce.  Today's featured Commandment is... Resolve conflicts without putting kids in the middle. <!--break--> ...more

Co-Parenting 101: The Podcast

After our great experience last month as featured guests on Peace-It-Together Pittsburgh, a local radio program, we're making moves to set up a Co-Parenting 101 podcast.  Will you tune?  Would you call in?  What topics would you like to hear discussed? ...more

"My boyfriend, his kids, and his ex..."

it is absolutely tough,me and my fiance planning to be together this august m in philippines and ...more

January Co-Parenting Book Giveaway (Part 1)

There are so many wonderful books available to help parents help themselves and their children in the wake of divorce or separation. We'd like to share some of these resources with our readers by inviting you to participate in a semi-monthly book giveway. Here's how you can win one of the co-parenting/divorce books featured on this site: ...more