California Passes Shark Fin Ban

Late last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning the sale and possession of shark fins, thus insuring that California will play a central role in lowering the demand for sharks. Bill AB 376 has invoked praise from environmentalists and condemnation from Chinese-American communities which serve Shark Fin Soup at weddings and other cultural celebrations in a centuries-old tradition....more
i hope this type of activism continues, because the pillaging of shark fins is disrupting our ...more

Race Saving Not Racist - Does Removing Cruelty Destroy Culture

It is beyond disappointing that the race card is used to avoid facing conflict, making difficult policy decisions and to applying critical thinking skills....more

Give the Sharks an XMAS Gift-.Ask Obama to Sign Shark Conservation Act

The Shark Conservation Act of 2010 will ban the practice of shark finning, which involves catching sharks, cutting off their fins, and releasing them alive into the water to suffer a slow painful drowning death. All for shark fin soup and other "delicacies". This act would close a loophole that banned the practice in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in earlier 2000 legislation, but omitted the Pacific Ocean. It also will require that boats in  United States waters keep the entire shark carcass intact....more

Sharks: They're Gonna Need A Bigger (PR) Boat

While last week's fatal shark attack on a kiteboard surfer in Florida is being called a "freak accident" by local media, mankind's abrupt re-entry into the food chain is never good for the offending beast. Sharks have long suffered bad PR and 201 shark species (out of 440) are now on the endangered list. ...more

I agree that our behavior certainly has to be tempting the shark into taking more of an ...more