I Survived "Jaws," And I'm Better For It

So as promised, I went to the theatre to see Jaws Sunday night, for the first time. People are always surprised when I say I’ve never seen it before, but they also don’t know the story of why. As I wrote recently, I have serious #SharkIssues, so going to see something like Jaws was a HUGE feat for me. ...more


It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and unfortunately, the "fantastic" and "scary" (and sometimes untrue) takes precedence, so I thought I'd show you some of the sharks I have known and loved!  I had an overly exciting minute with a Great White, but other than that, my experiences with sharks have been of awe, but not fear.  They really are not the man eating, evil creatures depicted on most of shark week....more

What Could You Buy In Kmart That Is Worth The Life Of A Shark?

On March 6th a five foot long white-tipped shark flown from New York to Los Angeles to be used in the filming of a Kmart commercial exhibited signs of stress on the set and ultimately died. The shark was treated on set by the trainer and then taken to a specialist to no avail....more
Exactly - this seems like a such ill conceived idea from start to finish. Besides the obvious ...more

Shark Cage Diving: Helping or Hurting?

Just thinking about it gave me an adrenaline rush. Take a boat ride out into “Shark Alley.” Get in a cage and stay there until a great white shark – yeah, like the one in “Jaws” -- comes by. Then… what? Hang out? See if the shark tries to take a bite out of my leg? Cool!...more
Tourists don't become outspoken advocates for wildlife from spending $200 + swimming with ...more

California Passes Shark Fin Ban

Late last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning the sale and possession of shark fins, thus insuring that California will play a central role in lowering the demand for sharks. Bill AB 376 has invoked praise from environmentalists and condemnation from Chinese-American communities which serve Shark Fin Soup at weddings and other cultural celebrations in a centuries-old tradition....more
i hope this type of activism continues, because the pillaging of shark fins is disrupting our ...more

They say these waters aren't what they used to be....

As I stood at the shoreline, with the ocean waves cascading up my ankles, the running life guard yelled to me the five words you never want to hear at the beach, “they just caught a shark!” “What?” I questioned as I quickly followed him to the closest jetty, where another life guard stood....more
@neekswrite It was on Long Island, NY - want to go for a swim :)more

Sharks: They're Gonna Need A Bigger (PR) Boat

While last week's fatal shark attack on a kiteboard surfer in Florida is being called a "freak accident" by local media, mankind's abrupt re-entry into the food chain is never good for the offending beast. Sharks have long suffered bad PR and 201 shark species (out of 440) are now on the endangered list. ...more

I agree that our behavior certainly has to be tempting the shark into taking more of an ...more

Review of Breath by Tim Winton


Book Review: Tough, Toothy Baby Sharks

Book Review: Tough, Toothy Baby Sharks As promised in a previous post, I am delivering Book Reviews every Monday on Children's Books about science. I think I should have enough books to offer a review each week until the spring. ...more

Real Deal or No Deal?

Need I remind you of Jasper - the horse wrangling, shark fighting, roller-skating, Voltsmarching, sea kayaking friend of mine who puts the lust into wandering? Jasper is like the best part of your favorite song. He is the crescendo you want to replay over and over. However, the nature of Jasper is forward movement. While you want to replay his last adventure, his newest adventure always over shadows his past escapades. ...more