Friday's Autism Panel: Shattering Myths, Opening Eyes, and Finding Your Tribe

Why should you come to the autism panel? Because the women who are speaking about autism represent a range of autism experiences and perspectives. They are articulate, experienced, compassionate advocates. Because you'll learn so much, that you will have an epiphany about what autism means whether you want to or not. (I'm a bit gobsmacked, as my friend and 2008 panel moderator Susan would say -- and I'm one of the speakers.) Trust me, you'll be disappointed if you miss this panel, especially if autism touches your life in any way. See you Friday. ...more

*SOB* But we will find a way to MAKE this happen for next year! Sometime during then next ...more

Interview: Sharon daVanport of Autism Women's Network Talks About Asperger's

Sharon daVanport is the executive director of the Autism Women's Network and the host of the AWN Radio Show. She's a mom to four children -- one of whom has Asperger's -- and she is a tireless advocate for women and children, particularly those whose lives have been touched by domestic violence. She is also an adult living with Asperger's Syndrome. ...more

For many years while my kids were growing up, I would comment to myself that I remember having ...more