Bikini Maintainance

I have to be honest, this was a very personal subject for me for most of my adult life (the last 10 years).  I used to just shave around the edges, just enough so that I could comfortably wear a bathing suit without the bushes peeking out. My significant other never really seemed to have a preference or suggest I landscape my lady parts so I wrote it off as a none issue.  After having several conversations with girlfriends, I came to realize that I maybe the only 30 something year old who still doesn't go Brazilian....more

Wax on, wax off that facial hair

(Photo taken from had no idea when the hair first appeared on my face. I am talking about hair all over my face and it's quite horrible. Imagine I had hair on my upper chin, hair above the brow and everywhere on my face....more

Day 7: Bring Back the Bush

Someone wrote a post recently on shaving her vagina, and the post has had me wondering why women feel that they need to have less and less hair everywhere except their heads. I can’t find the exact post because if you Google “shave your vagina,” about a trillion results come up. This troubles me for many reasons, starting with the anatomical infeasibility of shaving a vagina....more
roseredstories I haven't, but I'll certainly look her up. Thanks!more

I Donated Blood, Ate Ice Cream and Forgot to Shave.

I donated blood today. I weighed in at 119 at the doctor's last week. I took that as my queue to get myself to a Blood Mobile and squeeze out a pint....more

HAIRLESS IS NOT BESTEST! Shaving for summer

An ongoing question topic that the women’s health experts receive from teen girls concerns shaving their entire pubic area.  What is that about???  Well, it seems that from fashion ads or peer pressure girls think they have to be hairless.   ...more
@FatCat DITTO! I only shave if I am in the moof.   lol!more

Greatest hair removal device in Europe

 Greatest hair removal device in Europe by ...more

Shaven not Stirred?


Mom and Teen Daughter Detente: 1st Topic is Shaving

I just might win the Nobel Peace Prize for my next several blog postings and who would have thought I would become eligible by resolving mother/daughter shaving conflicts.   ...more
@elaineR.N. You are so easy to love, Elaine. You are the one with a sparkling personality, it ...more

On Shaving: It's MY Body

I hate shaving. But society tells me that I am repulsive to the visual senses of humanity if my female body is strewn with naturally grown hair. I was treated with repulsion as early as twelve from a group of girls in a New Jersey sleep over camp run by strict Catholic nuns. Diving into the pool in my modest and second-hand one-piece suit, a bunch of girls started laughing at me. They came up to me, jeering, and pointing to the hair that had just begun to grow under my arms. I felt ashamed, and I blamed (yes, you guessed it) my mother for refusing to teach me how to shave my arm pits and legs. ...more
I completely agree with you. And you had brought up some points that I had never even thought ...more

Did Mo'Nique Succumb to the Pressure for Women to Be Fur-Free?

Stop the presses -- MO'NIQUE SHAVED HER LEGS! I know! If this is not more important than the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, seriously, I do not know what is. ...more

And Monique is definitely fabulous.more