The Battle of the Bikini Line

We're less than three weeks away from the official start of dreaded bathing suit season - er, I mean, summer - which means it is that time of the year that the front in the war against body hair moves a bit higher up on the leg to the Bikini Line. The Bikini Line is not unlike the Maginot Line in that the enemy is going to find a way around it, and new tools of defense are constantly being introduced for those who refuse to surrender and just buy board shorts. ...more

I'm all about shaving my vagoo. I think it's gross when it's unshaved, and REALLY itchy. ...more

Shaving - My Hairy Little Secret

This blog may contain TOO MUCH INFORMATION for some of you. If you don't want to read about shaving habits and armpits, just move on. Right now. I mean it. OK. Don't say I didn't warn you! ...more

Tend Skin, my secret weapon

I realize that most of us aren't thinking about shaving at this time of year. I know that many of us are content to pull on a pair of tights and not deal with the aggravation of shaving our legs or bikini lines as the cold weather sets in...but I'm one of those type A people who continues to shave throughout the winter and that means that I need to treat my skin all winter long. ...more

Leg Sideburns

Since I was about eleven I was under the impression that if I shaved my leg sideburns (you know, those hairs that grow unbidden on the upper inside of the thigh), the hair would grow back in masses.     ...more

Time to Trim the Bushes (*wink, *wink)

As I sit here watching my 2-year-old play with a cardboard strip of ...more

My eyebrows are straight and thick and haven't been shaped and waxed or even plucked for ...more

The Roadsides of India

I decided to start my blog with one of my favorite passions, images from my travels and stories. I will now have a place to share with you some of the most amazing experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had. ...more

Women's Health News: Placentophagy, Adiana and Grooming for your Gyno

It's been a long week and I'm a little behind on my blog reading and news surfing so I decided to surf while TW and RJ are busy in the kitchen with fudge making and cookie baking. No sense in mopping kitchen floors before the two of them finish... messier women you've never met. Heh. So anyway, I was surfing and it appears to be my lucky day - everything interesting is GYN related! I'm loving Rachel's post about grooming for your GYN appointment. ...more

But in answer to the grooming question - I think it's important that you're clean down there. ...more

Plastic-Free Shaving, Part 1

Do I look like an antique to you? I must have been twelve or thirteen years old the first time I shaved my legs. I used my dad's safety razor, just like the one in the picture. But times have changed, and you can't buy these at the drugstore anymore. I got this one for ten dollars at a local antique store, a great way to find out how they did things in the good old pre-plastic days. I've been using this razor for nearly one month. By switching from a Venus razor to a safety razor, I am avoiding all the plastic waste from not only the cartridges, but the plastic many of them are packaged in. Click through to read more and find out where I buy plastic-free razor blades. ...more

I miss good old fashioned safety razors.

Fast ...more

Enough is ENOUGH!

Enough is ENOUGH! What do you American men WANT from us? Okay, I KNOW…but really…who is coming up with the stuff that is supposed to turn men on? Or better yet, who is the “someone” who tells us ALL what it IS that turns men on? Before make-up came along it was ruby red lips and pink cheeks. It was achieved by milling your mouth and pinching your cheeks. And let’s not forget the corset that made those curves curvier. Add a curling iron, stockings and higher heels to the mix of shorter and shorter skirts and dresses. ...more