Redemption Can Be Found in SHELTER

Coming to theatres this Friday from writer/director Paul Bettany and Screen Media Films comes an intense tale of life from two points of view while looking for SHELTER. Hannah (Jennifer Connelly) is a heroine addict living on the streets of New York. Day to day survival is a way of life for this woman who a history. She runs into Tahir (Anthony Mackie) and their relationship doesn’t start out in the best of circumstances. ...more

We Fell in Love Online

I know plenty of people who have successfully found love through online dating. I even know some folks who have grown their families by starting the adoption process or the search for a sperm donor online. It never occurred to me that we would fall in love online, but we did....more

The BrightSide of human emotions from a high save dog shelter

Hello and welcome to the first posting of the BrightSide Blog.  This blog is a day-to-day emotional cleansing through the lives of dogs at a local shelter.  This blog is not about dogs nor abuse or for the most part anything negative.  It IS about the human spirit and how we can see the best in humankind through the dogs at local shelter....more

Four Walls

If you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey, or have taken his Financial Peace course, you may be familiar with what he describes at the “four walls”: food, utilities, shelter, and transportation....more

Christmas at the shelter

It was raining. I mean raining. The “it’s a rainy night in Georgia and I feel like it is raining all over the world” type of raining. They waited under a porch roof; some could not escape the rain and so were soaked in part or the whole. The cool breeze was welcome. Over 60 stood in line, quietly and patiently to be served delicious food supplied by The Olive Garden and served by gracious young people who donated their time. They said they felt privileged to do so....more

An Ode To Wilbur

As important of a role as Wilbur plays in our family, I realized I do not mention him nearly as much as I should on our family's site, Simple Living Famiy (  Right after our first son was born we decided we wanted a dog....more

Is Adopting A Dog From A Shelter Risky? What you need to know.

I poke fun at my mother in my blog post from yesterday. If you haven't read it, you should check it out. My mother's adopted dog Buddy, has some really crazy antics (we love him but he’s CRAZY)....more

Use Your Umbrella

Imagine a sudden, dark, drenching rainstorm.  Think of downpour.  It is raining big drops fast, a drastic change from when you left the house this morning.  Now is a good time for your umbrella, so you put it up quickly and efficiently.  And it makes things much better. This is what a centering thought does.  It helps you filter out excess and calm yourself when you are flooded by stimuli.  The stimuli can be physical (such as pain), biochemical (such as food, drink, or substances), energetic (such as aggression, pressure, lethargy) or emotional (such as thinki ...more

Thistle Farms gives women survivors hope and independence

This is Women's History Month and the history of women has always included violence against women and the destruction it brings. Women have had to learn to suvive, and learn, we have. There is an organization that has my deepest respect for the work they do in creating a climate of survival, independence, hope and respect for women. ...more