Trust the Conversation

In the past three days I’ve pulled a middle-aged all-nighter, been sequestered in a labor negotiations situation room, had to rely on my personal experience and sense of integrity, and experienced the best and worst of human behavior.   In those three days, I came face to face with the realities of trust, courage, and our obsession with hiding behind the illusion of a conversation.  It was as if a concentrated microcosm of my life was whirling around me in a tornado of missed opportunities mingled with sleep deprivation and false hope.  In the aftermath of it all, I find...more

Headphone Wearing Employees - Lonely or Focused?

I never realized there was such a furor over wearing headphones in the workplace beyond the disagreements I regularly encountered with managers when I worked in an office. Apparently, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article (Workers, Take Off Your Headphones), headphone wearing employees are missing out and causing an untold drain on employers. Who knew? ...more
I completely agree with you about headphones and being an introvert. I love collaborating and ...more