The Sexualization of Shirley Temple

Oh, Holy God. Look at this section of the NYT’s obituary of Shirley Temple Black:...more
"So far as I can tell, the black box did no lasting damage to my psyche" I dunno. She was a ...more

Dear Pecola and Claudia, Shirley Temple Is Dead

I just heard about Shirley Temple Black's death. I am an African-American woman who associates the child star with my childhood. Apparently she passed away last night, Monday, February 10, on my birthday. At age 85, she was almost 30 years older than I am now, born one year later than my mother. But in my mind, she's still around 6 years old, the symbol of a sweet little girl who can make it through any crisis. ...more
I have actually never seen a Shirley Temple movie. We didn't have cable, so I didn't see ...more

When Child Stars Made Us Smile

Shirley Temple died. It’s hard to think of her and not picture that tap dancing 6-year old with the dimples and the curls.But she died after living a full life and “child star”, a label she may never have escaped, was merely one of the many things she did in her lifetime. She was one of the lucky ones....more

Shirley Temple and "Glee": Good times for bad times

When times are tough, entertainment helps us escape reality. During the Great Depression of the '30s, people grinned and clapped when Shirley Temple sang, "The Good Ship Lollipop."Her adorable singing and tap dancing on the silver screen made them forget joblessness, bread lines and poverty. She was a charming distraction from disturbing, distressing uncertainty. ...more

I agree with Jenna...I love Glee and have a blast singing along with the music, I think the show ...more