Weiner’s Wiener Pics: Causing More Whine Than Lust

By now you must have heard of Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY). In the past ten days he has become a household name.  How could he not? A man whose name is Weiner tweets out a photo of his wiener bulge, to women he doesn’t personally know, on a public social media platform....more

(VIDEO) Bloggers: Sherrod Affair Shows the Value of Doing Real Journalism

In just 48 hours, Shirley Sherrod became a household name for those who read political blogs and follow the news. Sherrod, a long-time advocate for farmers, was the State Director for Rural Development in the Department of Agriculture in Georgia until Monday of this week, when right-wing propagandist Andrew Breitbart posted a deceptively-edited clip of a speech she gave to a local chapter of the NAACP last March on his website, BigGovernment.com.  The clip gave the impression that she had discriminated against a white farmer because of her anger over injustices black people had experienced over the years. The Department of Agriculture promptly fired her; the NAACP promptly condemned her, and FOX News personalities seethed with indignation as they played the clip over and over again. ...more

I have to agree about the role of media consumers in this equation. While I agree Fox is ...more