Facebook as Fine Art?

Yesterday’s Huffington Post had a story on Kathy Halper, a fine artist who embroiders images of Facebook photos she has found of her kids and their friends. The images are pretty raunchy, and are a somewhat shocking, disheartening testament to just how much teens are willing to expose of themselves online these days....more
I wrote this post yesterday, and then felt so guilty last night for tearing down the creative ...more

The story of my daughter's birth

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Fast Dogs--Part III

It was 11:39 a.m....more

How is that possible. Except for the end and stuff. But worse???? Gah!

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What You Need to Know About Stun Guns

It all started when Thomas Edison decided to endorse the use of the electric chair to a state commission seeking alternatives ways for capital punishment. Of course stun guns today are not set up to be lethal, but they sure hurt and disable you temporarily! ...more