What kind of shoe are you?

I am a shoe bore. Yes, that’s a “b” not a “wh.”Why? Because every pair of shoes I own are black and no higher than three inches (and I’m rounding up).Even my husband tells me that I need to expand my horizons and his idea of fashion forward is a tie-dyed t-shirt from a Grateful Dead show and a cheese-shaped wedge that he wears as a hat (thankfully only when he’s watching a football game)....more

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays

Shoedazzle shared this look on social media about two months ago.  And I still can't get enough of it.  I was first captivated by this look because of the heels, the Zofia.  I love the straps and the metallic embellishments on the shoes.  They are so fun and sexy....more

Teacher Gift Tag for a "Shoe Lover"

My son’s teacher has over 200 pairs of shoes, so I wanted to do something special for her with a “shoe” theme. I found this cute lunch bag at Michael’s, and it has a  high-heeled shoe on it!...more

DUO: Day to Night Shoe Challenge

We were challenged by British shoe company, DUO, to choose our favorite pair of shoes from their shop and style them from day to night. It was so much fun styling around the shoes to come up with complete new outfits, from our own wardrobe, to create two totally different looks.Check out what we came up with and all the other options that DUO has to offer!...more

Nothingtoamend capsule shoes by Alessia Foglia!


$4 Closet Shoe Storage Tutorial

  Today I am excited to share with you a project that I've been planning since I cleaned out my closet and I was finally able to get it done....more

Can You Find My Chic?

 I read recently that France has lost its chic. Its je ne sais quoi. Their President is out of control....more


Spring-timistic  We're bogged down here in the Hamptons with this Polar Vortex, but I can't help but be Spring-timistic, optimistic that Spring is on it's way, 50 days away! And with Spring on its way so are Spring shoes....more

What Running Has Taught Me ~ Shoes

 I know there are a gazillion websites and blogs that talk about the greatness of running. I read them too.  But since I have started running again, after my 3 month break, I have learned some valuable life lessons....more