Yes! To Almost Everything...

I am painting my nails and listening to the Year Of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Alex comes and sits next to me and I pause the book. "Is the book you're listening to good?" He says. "Yes, it is very good." I respond.  Alex then asks what the book is about. I tell him that it is about saying yes to the things you are afraid of. "Well that's just stupid!" He says. "If you are afraid of something, you just shouldn't do it." He continued. ...more

Shonda Rhimes and Feminism

I have a confession: I am forty-four and I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I haven't missed an episode since it aired. And now that I have cancelled cable and rely on Netflix for my shows, I spend the last hour of my evening -- after my grading is done, kids' homework is checked, kids have been put to bed, bills have been paid, whatever writing I can muster is written -- collapsing on my couch to watch Grey's Anatomy-- from the beginning....more

Olivia Is Back! Why We Love "Scandal"

Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal is back, which means you might find your Twitter timeline taken over this Thursday night by cryptic tweets about gladiators, white hats, and improbable political conspiracies. Avid fans, myself included, are ready and eager to resume the breathless real time commentary and analysis that have made Scandal the “Most Tweeted Show on television.” ...more
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Off the Map: Not Just Sexy Doctors in the Jungle

I grew up on medical dramas. General Hospital, ER, Chicago Hope... if it's lead characters used a scalpel and it was produced in the '90s, you can bet your bottom I watched it. Still, last week, ABC's OFF THE MAP broke the mold on medical dramas. ...more

It's the first new show I've added to my DVR line-up (because 10pm is past my bedtime) in a ...more

"Grey's Anatomy" Finale Roundup (Major Spoilers)

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" ended their fifth season last week with a finale chock full of romance and angst. There was Izzie Steven's in her beautiful prom dress in that Great Grey's Elevator of Death, seeing the doors open to reveal George O'Malley, all decked out in his army uniform--007, licensed to kill.  Or in this case, be killed.   George and Izzie--both flatlining. Will either of them live to return to Seattle Grace this fall?  Only Shonda Rhimes and the lawyers negotiating their contracts know for sure. ...more

Jenny and John together?  Among other things you'd probably end taking home some great Mayer ...more