"Whenever I Get Sad I Stop Being Sad and Start Being Awesome Instead" Sign

I am so excited about this project! It's something I've been wanting to make for a very long time. "Whenever I get said, I stop being sad and start being awesome instead," is based on a line from How I Met Your Mother. It's been altered because I think it sounds better this way. :P ...more

The Shop is Open!

Happy Launch Day!! The Shop is now OPEN :). Stop on in and enjoy our first batch of digital prints!...more

Your Handmade Shop

As promised, monthly handmade business 101 contributor, Emmy, is back this month to talk about opening a handmade shop......more

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a House?


Fashion Swap Canada


Target Moms

I was out with a few friends yesterday discussing how we think our husbands see us as stay-at-home moms. My one friend said her husband is convinced she lounges around, enjoying a leisurely day then ends up at Target where upon entering  – you know you’re going to spend something. My other friend agreed that her husband too thinks she lounges and watches TV until her kids come home. I know my husband’s convinced that I do little to contribute to household things and instead occupy my free time with RBW....more

Every day is a Holiday with Shetrades.com

Join Kris and MJ every Wednesday @ 10:30 am EST on MOM TV for Every day is a Holiday with Shetrades.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CxI0XAJ7uw...more

How to Shop With Children: My Three Rules


Host a Frugal, Fashionable Girl's Night In

Shop, Swap and Make it Sweet --Wanda Mann, BettyConfidential.com Don't let the recession stop you from sprucing up your wardrobe. ...more

Confessions of a Recovering Shopper

Since I was knee high to a mannequin, I have loved to shop.  I love to go out shopping and I love to stay home and shop in my pajamas on my computer at midnight.  I have shopped in foreign countries, by catalog and by phone. I am drawn to the siren song of a sweet sale.  I am quite good at it and I have shopped for family members and friends not so inclined.  I absolutely love shopping, no doubt about it.    But ...more