I Never Saw This Coming...

Who have I become? I am in a bidding war on eBay right now with a potential nemesis over what better be less than $50.00, for a used, Banana Republic, leather bag! I need to get a life... Now, back to see what's going on.Ok, I'm back and IT-IS-ON....Chick from Long Island, or husband,boyfriend...or whatever you are! Why do I feel so entitled to this?...more

Dear DSW Shoe Warehouse...

First of all, thank you to the employees for your kindness and patience as our family shopped for shoes at your store yesterday. Thanks for smiling and winking while three of our four children treated your establishment as if it were a stage from WWE. Not only were you gracious enough to turn a blind eye while they rolled around and wrestled on the floor (in addition to picking many and various boxes of shoes off the shelves)......more

Shopping In Larkspur, California at French Store Coquelicot

Today I wanted to share with you pictures from a beautiful shop I found in Larkspur, California named Coquelicot. They have amazing chandeliers, french provincial tablecloths and so many beautiful dishes and other gifts. The wonderful lady that was in the store was super friendly. I just love the way they gift wrap their presents. ...more

Valentine's Gifts For Guys

It's easy to figure out what women might like for Valentine's Day, in my opinion. Flowers, a pretty necklace, chocolate -- there's no end to the things, great and small that women might enjoy receiving from their sweethearts on February 14th. But what about the guys? What do men want? One the one hand, I think we can all well imagine what the gentlemen want -- but I'm talking about something we can wrap up for them. The possibilities are endless, but I've narrowed it down to five choices for you. You're welcome! ...more

Candelaria, it's cold outside!  How about red long johns (a "Union suit" as my ...more

New Routine for Saving Time, Money and Sanity in 2010

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore How many hours a month do you spend doing mundane chores, like shopping for groceries? ...more

Pre-Loved Fashion Shopping in Santa Monica: A Walking Guide

Thousands of tourists flock Santa Monica every year to enjoy the pretty beach, go on a solar-powered ferris wheel ride on the pier, and of course, shop. But while most shoppers head straight to the mostly-chain stores on Third Street Promenade and Main Street, Santa Monica's home to a bevy of pre-loved fashion stores that offer cute, eco-friendly shopping opportunities for every budget. ...more

Hey, I'm also from a small Georgia town...and also in need of a thrifty trip to visit these ...more

I cannot find my pants (size)

 Lately, I've noticed that my pants size is becoming extinct in stores.Really? Size 12s becoming extinct? Yes it's true, and no that's not crazy talk.I've never had trouble finding size 12 pants in stores I frequent because few people wear it. And I'm okay with that because I feel like the store is stocking it JUST for me :)...more

Thrift shops are not just for shoppers.

I’m not fond of shopping but I’m crazy about thrift shops.  When I visit a new town, it’s one of the side trips I always take.  I ask locals to point me in the direction of as many thrift shops as I can fit into a schedule.  I’m not a good retail browser.  Here’s my idea of shopping for new items: 1) Need a thing. 2) See a thing. 3) Ask do you have that thing in my color, size, price? 4)  If yes, I’m out of there in minutes. 5) If not, I can live without it.    ...more

It's really habit forming, isn't it?  Exciting to fall in love with something and ...more

Designer Fashion at Guilt Free prices

"First Liberty of London, now, MOODY MAMAS at Target, ladies! Just discovered the cutest ...more