Holiday Shopping: 5 Stages Of Grief

 "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." Whoever coined that phrase clearly never tried to decorate a house for Christmas with six overeager k...more

What You Need To Know Before You Begin Your Christmas Shopping

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward’s Command Center ~ #Divinely Organized Excitement is in the air. Every retailer from the smallest boutique to large car dealerships are offering great deals to lure you into their stores. Everything seems light and easy and many of us fall for all the glamor and glitz. So, I have a question for you…what is your biggest regret after Christmas? For many of us regret sets in when we receive the bills from our December shopping spree....more

Why Target Moms Are My Tribe

Hey you, Mom in the yoga pants with her hair pulled back in the perfect messy bun, baby strapped securely to your chest in her Ergo while you sip your PSL. You’re perusing those clearance racks because you needed to get out of the house. That’s me, too.“How can I help you, Ma’am?” the Target employee smiles.“Hi, I’ll have a tall caramel macchiato with a double shot.”...more

Not Sure When Or What

Still waiting for the call on my car. At this point I will just go in the morning and picked up.Any how Murphy put the engine lift in pick up. Have few things to put in back of pick up.One and old transmission which for some reason Sawyer got and it going to the dump.Plus there a couple tractor pieces that will be brought home. Possible even yard sale....more

Since She Had An Appointment

Since Carrie had to have a mental evolution today and it gave me a chance to check out WEEKEND AND COMPANY in Sandpoint....more

Elizabeth Arden Always Red: The Scent of Rouge & Feminine Self-Confidence

Elizabeth Arden have launched a new companion scent to Red Door called Always Red, which is described as a luxurious floriental composition whose creative concept is the idea of using the scent of red as a beauty accessory...The fragrance is co-signed by perfumers Clément Gavarry and Yves Cassar of IFF.Gavarry explained,...Read more at

Next Stop H & M Balmain Nation

 To announce the upcoming collection H&M x Balmain, artistic director Olivier Roustaing has pulled nearly all the stops, offering a particularly creative advertising campaign in the form of a substantive music video by Ferdinand & VAZ with a choreography by Normann Shay......more

Maybe If I Work At It A little Harder

 Every day I'm amaze how beautiful our fall is hanging around. I know soon the color will be gone and the trees will be bare.Even up in Mountain there still plenty of colors....more

Sixteen Seventeen a Maid is a Waiting