5 Painless Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

The holiday season is upon us, and like always we’re going to go berserk shopping for everything from new clothes to toys to entertainment systems. While some like to buy things for their loved ones, some would go on a shopping spree filling their own closets. But it doesn’t matter why you decide to shop, you know you want to save money, since it’s a scarce resource....more

Spend Less Save More: Shopping Online

Countdown to Christmas 20 Days away well being Cyber week it’s a busy time for those of us online. Some things to remember while shopping online:Create a separate email account for all your online shopping and correspondence newsletters, private offers from your favorite retailers. Keep a separate folder for each online account and empty your spam regularly.Print out and crop all receipts before leaving the website, do not rely on the site to send you an email confirming your purchase right away during high traffic web times....more

Spend Less Save More: Shopping Trip Online Savings

Last stop on this week long shopping trip and for this one you don’t even have to log off your computer. When to buy online for your stockpile staples. Well it depends on what you’re purchasing. When shopping on line for food keep in mind shipping fees and processing fees for some online stores. For example specialty online stores can charge processing fees and most do not take coupons....more

Smells Like Home

I hate buying stuff online. This goes for anything. It's hardly ever what I imagine it to be when I order, and not only am I out money for the crap item and shipping, I'm totally disappointed in my purchase.Even more, I hate buying things from companies that seem to spring up out of nowhere and require my friends to advertise for them and hound unsuspecting social-network goers to buy stuff from these companies, so that my friends can see a penny or two....more

The Future for Our On-line Shopping

One of the recent and rising conclusions of our time in the e-commerce shopping world is that the compact, portable, and necessary little device called the mobile is the burgeoning future of Internet shopping....more

Another good reason to keep newspapers alive - for the sales circulars

I spend hours online but I’m still a newspaper junkie.  Online shopping lets me research anything I’m thinking about buying.  And then there are all the juicy comments which are often called "reviews."  Ha!   I start off examining customers’ comments and then I stop at a review where someone is telling a harrowing story about exactly what happened the night they brought their new mattress home. Sagging!  Sides collapsing!  Back pain! Co-sleepers sniping at each other in the morning! ...more

I hate shopping. I'm thrifty and don't really want to buy anything - ever. But I do like sale ...more