The Year of Not Shopping: Updates and Inspiration

Is 2010 the Year of Not Shopping? Not at my house, no, but for other women bloggers, the answer is yes, and they're finding creative ways to go about giving up their retail therapy....more
I plan on losing the weight I've been needed to and then donating my bigger sized clothes to ...more

WORK STYLE - Nanette Lepore * Giuseppe Zanotti * Botkier * House of Harlow 1960

Get This Look: Nanette Lepore Modern Love Dress Giuseppe Zanotti Open Toe Scalloped Stiletto Bootie Botkier Noa Tote...more

Resisting The Never Ending Wheel of Desire

Have you ever felt like you were spinning in a never-ending wheel of desire? That as soon as you conquer one area of spending desire, and finally develops the discipline to say "no" to that just-released video game or that new pair of shoes, another area of spending desire pops up....more

This is a really good post. I find myself always struggling with this. Wanting can be soo ...more

Is H&M Alone?

It takes a lot to rile me up, but a New York Times article outlining the wasteful behavior of H&M did it instantly. In case you haven't heard, a New York City H&M store was discovered to be destroying unsold clothing, including coats and gloves. The articles weren't damaged items, they were good condition items that for whatever reason simply had not sold....more

It does sound like a pretty ridiculous and wasteful process, to be shredding good clothes. ...more

How to Build Your Wardrobe from Scratch: Advice for the Menfolk

Q:  I'm getting a pretty big bankroll for Christmas this year, and I'd like to spend almost all of it on clothes.  I have a few questions -- should I buy all clothes for the winter? Or mix it up for Spring coming next year? What are some of your favorite things that are currently out? When building a new wardrobe, what are your "must haves" that you need to get before anything else. Also a list of your favorite stores would be great too. And maybe show me some of YOUR recent purchases.  I love clothes and am a big fan of name designer brands. ...more

One last word on style: An item isn’t a good deal just because it is on ...more

WORK STYLE - Young Fabulous & Broke * Vince * Elegantly Waisted * Botkier

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The Possessionista: cure to your December shopping hangover - 31 days of fashion/beauty/shopping giveaways

December is like a Friday night in college. You have waaaay too much to drink and end up with a killer hangover, and a resolve not to do it again next week....more

The Boxing Day Hangover

Hope everyone had a good and relaxing holiday with loved ones!This past week has been really hectic for me (hence the sporadic posting).  I was working Boxing Day and somehow managed to still spend money.  Curse those shops that open past 5pm, curse them.  Curse you, Future Shop for having an online sale!Boxing Day is known to be the day where people start lining up at electronics retailers like Best Buy and Future Shop at 1am on Boxing Day to get the best deals on their 52 " flat screen LCD TVs, DVD players, and computers....more