WORK STYLE - Wink * Alexander McQueen * BE & D * Juicy Couture

Get This Look: Wink Kristen Dress Alexander McQueen Deep Cut Silver Metal Slingback BE & D Kan Kan Zip Tote Juicy Couture Lace Drama Necklace Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more

Victoria's Secret--how buying makeup can make you look sexy

It's a well-known fact that Victoria's Secret has the cutest small shopping bags ever. They're two delicious shades of pink, and they're just big enough for a garter belt or maybe a thong. But I'm not the customer VS has in mind. Me? In a Wonderbra? Me? In a thong? I haven't really seen the point of walking into a VS store. Until now. Christian Sariano, winner of Season 4 of Project Runway teamed up with Heidi Klum to produce a limited-edition makeup collection for Victoria's Secret. It looked lovely and was generating a lot of excitement--enough to get me into the store. ...more

Ladies, ladies, PLEASE be careful about which products you fall in love with at VS. I once ...more

Stephanie Fierman Sometimes Prefers To Stand Up While Shopping

Pity the poor retailer.   ...more

TREND WATCH - Chic Leather


PLAY STYLE - Rozae by Rozae Nichols * David Lerner * Pelle Moda * Diane von Furstenberg * CC Skye

Get This Look: Rozae by Rozae Nichols Lightbulb Dress David Lerner Half Ripped Leggings Pelle Moda Jaron Platform Sandals Diane von Furstenberg Survivor Messenger Bag CC Skye Gigi Cuff   Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more

Back to School Bags for Grown Ups

My last first day of school was many moons ago. But now that I have a job that runs by the school calendar I'm prone to newness come September. I clean off my desk and pretend it's my new year. I also have a bit of a crush on handbags; looks, textures and styles. I'm pleased that when it comes down to it, a handbag will never make my butt look too big. I can't get uniboob from my bag. While I'm not in the market for anything new I'm more than happy to discuss them at length and imagine the waft of new bag smell. ...more


it's great post and stuff, this is true i use now a days only Italian Leather Bags ...more

WORK STYLE - Diane von Furstenberg * Rock & Republic * Great by Sandie * Lela Rose

Get This Look: Diane von Furstenberg Twisted Wilma Dress Rock & Republic Nika Studded Heel Pump Great by Sandie Tal Suede Fringe Tote Lela Rose Butterfly Necklace     Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more

In Praise of BFFs and GdOs.... today there will be.... In praise of BFFs and GdOs.... The DH has been a saint since he started traveling. Some of you have read that I live alone during the week and raise toddler fraternal twin sons basically as a single mom (props to all the single moms who do it 24-7, for real).  My DH is a traveling man and it takes him all over the place.  He literally LIVES in other places during the week. ...more

PLAY STYLE - Haute Hippie * Giuseppe Zanotti * Antik Batik * Fallon Jewelry

Get This Look: Haute Hippie Tutu Mini Dress Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle Bracelet Flat Sandal Antik Batik Swar Pouchette Fallon Jewelry Hells Angels Crystal Earrings Find out how to get this dress and more on Style Wrap ...more

I've Lost My Sense of Style

Tales from the dressing room... ...more

It happened again yesteday - things were too small again. :( But you're absolutely right ...more