Growing up tall

When some of us were children, we wanted to be ballerinas or cowboys or astronauts. We wanted to be teachers or parents or scientists. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be shorter. I'll explain. ...more

Join our Google Hangout 6/26/14!

  James Poirier's 'The Color of Her Dress' premieres!Register to see the premiere June 26th 6pm PST then google-hang with the crew afterward!Use the code 'gold'! #itsashortitsashort.comitsashorttheblog ...more

Holy Highwaters!

I get the fact that cropped pants go in and out of style, but I don’t agree with it. Here’s a little inside information I bet you didn’t know from our friend, ...more

The High-Heel Challenge

A woman can add 3-inch pumps to any outfit and instantly look bold and sexy. What is it about the heightened heel that changes everything? ...more

First Pages of Submissions: Three Rules

So these days reading slush for Ploughshares and Redivider, as well as working for Fringe, I'm reading a lot of pour-water-over-my-head-to-wake-myself-back-up, clamp-jumper-cables-to-my-nipples-to-wake-me-back-up, boring-as-rust first pages. ...more